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Col Douglas

Difficult to express how great I think Greg’s playing is here

Jbill Rivera

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Live in LA. John Mayer and this guitar make some magic


Nice to see when a Hendrix edition guitar is reviewed that Hendrix stuff is played.


bought this thing in April, 2018, put NYXL 10's on it and absolutely love the thing. The only downside is having to remove the neck for truss rod adjustments. But the thing is AMAZING


came for the guitar stayed for the playing fucking hell man

Angelo J Richetti

Hmmm its called the Jimi Hendrix Strat?..no its Not Jimi didn't design it or craft it its a Basic Strat of that time Jimi played...all a marketing bullshit Scam...

Angelo J Richetti

Greg Greg...the MIM Strats are just as good as the MIA Strats...thats not a opinion its simple common sense Today...so next time you should say the jimi hendrix Strat and leave out where it was made because today it doesn't matter where...


You are so close, but only Jimi could play like Jimi. I like how you play, too.

Tony Bowen

Fffffffff that sounds so good. I was surprised how much I liked this first time I played it. On paper it doesn't look like much, but they're great. Sounds like it costs 3x-5x as much as it costs.

Nolan R

Do people realize that's the one that he lit on fire and beat to a bloody pulp?

Experience YouAre

Hi guy ! Thanks for sharing my friend... I have just a question that disturb me : I saw in every website that this guitar, this Fender weighs 5kg/12pound ; is it true? Peace to you

Tom Hodgkins

Jimi actually finished painting that the same day that he burned it

John  Pandolfino

Amazing sounding guitar.......nice playing Gregory Kochery

Snorkel Mikkelrev

Now you get rich if you have one orginal of these, and want to sell it. Just check ebay... great guitar

James Virostek

I dont know why they dont make the upside down they should take a left handed guitar and flip it or vice versa


At least this Hendrix strat has the proper fingerboard radius! 7.25" for life 🙂
Also, at 3:25 I like the song choice! I feel like no one ever plays "Who Knows"...anyone that doesn't know it, should!

Michael Cruz

Im selling repeats or replays and if you want it you have to like this comment 0:00