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samir tatarevic

@WillcockJake What should I say, hmm?

Really Cheap Guitar

: =))


Nice tone! I like your guitar beaultiful.

great solo mate, HUG!

samir tatarevic

@Fabiano9798 Thank you my friend. Hug!


sounds sweet — good playing and great tone

Killah Trax

such a beautifull and unexpensive guitar,getting one this weekend 🙂 Good job mate


What's the difference between a Fender Mustang I and II?

samir tatarevic

@GiglioReviveXI Them are the same, mustang 2 is larger, it has 40 watts and 12 speakers, a mustang is 20 watts and 8 speakers

Hugh Caldwell

great playing 'cool sound what preset are you using on the amp.



Sirajeddine Aloulou

Great job bro,and thanx for the tutorial !! I really like your style in holding your Gio !!

by the way,what are you playing? is it a cover or your impro?

samir tatarevic

It is impro ... Thanks to think about the video!

Juan Carlos Portillo

Excelente estilo latino! Muy buen sonido en esta guitarra. Saludos de la Ciudad de México. 10*s

Sirajeddine Aloulou

yeah that's really awesome ! and what about the rythm?


The best demo of this guitar on YouTube.Are those the original pickups?

Nazzareno Castriota

Beautiful sound and playing. Which pick-up are you using? They're not the original psnd 🙂

Pisang Emas

nice one man. can you share with me your backing track for this vid?