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alan sturgess
I'm of the same generation as you, John, so my first love of guitar was inspired by Bert and, of course, Hank. Over the years I've owned or played several Strat-style guitars. Some were really excellent. Recently however, I "discovered" the re-released Fender Duo Sonic and bought one (2x single coil version). It's a more simple guitar but with excellent and well-differentiated tones across the pickups. Lovely to play and with a shorter 24" scale. Maybe, like the PRS 'SE' range, it is sometimes derided because it was originally conceived as an entry-level instrument for students but, in reality, it… Read more »
julia baldassarre

hi mr coupland. i follow you here an on cd baby. i have a question i have a l.p. specail epiphany from 1996. its old but its so good. is it ok to keep it, and not trade it in for a new guitar? thanks again

David Franklin

Nice to see that you are still going strong John.