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doing a review — reading right off the fender web page- wow !


I love the Tele body but not its sound. Humbuckers on a Tele is nice.

Jason Guion

Consumers who revere the early models as the best, while demanding improvements, and then hate the improvement because it’s not an early model lol! That’s who they listen to John. I have done it myself!

Resurrection Fern

"A cool little spank to it" 😀 I'm getting this guitar in the mail any day now! This exact color and model I can't wait!


Daim that was sweet. Belly cut and it would have been the perfect guitar for me. The search continues...

Jim Gebowich

This guy needs to lay off the hip schtick.

Jay B

That's the kind of guitar you want to play until all of the paint comes off.


Got 4/11's on mine plus an alternate fail switch

YJ Music

I got the sonic blue Performer Tele with two single coils. And it's a great axe! Feels great, plays great, sounds great, looks great! Couldn't be happier!

nick williams

Lovely guitar but you know the tone is what comes from your hands

Clancy Coburn

Hey everyone its the Fender (insert random word here) Telecaster!


what a crappy bridge, you better upgrade it to 6 titanium saddles and plate from hantug.

vodka Volvo

I have tried a 60s custom with neck humbucker


Another great review #johnbohlinger --you're the best in the business ! Thanks


I love mine it’s got the perfect neck and fret size for me


PUPS ain’t doing it for me thin and too bright. Nice guitar need a pup swap.


Shame it's not lacquer. I would be worth the upcharge.


Hey John, what humbucker did you put in your Tele and did you wire it to split the coils ? Hey jazz guitar, Mike Stern still kills it on tele


Great playing John! Would love me one of these Tele's!

Adam Krauss

I was diggin the tones from this model while putting it thru its paces at GC. However, I have had a BIG issue on virtually all teles at GC with the horrendous fret finishing that can easily rip your fingers open. While this one wasn’t the worst I’ve come across it was still not great. The sales guys blame it on wood shrinkage which may be true but still unacceptable and not something I come across on such a global basis with other makes and models.


AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!😀🎈😀🎈😀🎈😀🎈😀🎈😀🎈😀🎈😀🎈😀

Christian Röder

I'm sure Jim Jarmusch is his twin brother.


Hey John how are you? I hope you're well. Just a question, I've always wondered why Fender always put the hum bucker in the neck position and not the Bridge? Obviously, Les Paul's have them in both neck and bridge to give maximum tonal options and of course sound? Gary fro Tasmania/Australia

Markus Arike

It's a pity that Fender left off the belly cut, but other than that, this guitar is killer.

Richard James

According to the Fender website, the fingerboard is listed as maple — assume it's just stained to look like rosewood.

Arvid Nielsen

Big thumbs up for the always no-nonsense reviews.

Chris Cogan

Love the look of all the new Performer series guitars, but unfortunately, for some reason, they decided not to offer ANY of them left-handed. I don't get it. I could see it with some of their boutique models, but this is a mid-level series, and they didn't make any of the models available for lefties. At this price point, you'd think they'd sell a bunch. Too bad. 🙁

Nitro Spice

this guy reminds me of Billie Bob Thorton