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Andrew Aviles

Great video. I noticed that this has a slightly warm sound, compared to typical strat sound and even the G&L legacy. My question is, if you roll off the bass, can it get as bright as the G&L legacy? Maybe not exact but closer to that shimmery bright sound? I'm torn between this, a legacy, or player series strat


You said you'd cover negative aspects after the drive tones, but it looks like you skipped that...?

Mike Austin

I have a S-500, which is the same guitar as this except that the pickups are inline and not hum-free (though still quieter than most single coil guitars). They take some effort to dial in great tones; if you expect it to sound like a Strat, you'll be disappointed. However, since the pickups are hotter than alnicos, they'll push the front end of your amp sooner and you can get some glorious sustain out of these guitars.

Daniel Delgado

Great review and THANK YOU for not playing the same BAD licks other reviewers play!


Hey Andy you seem like a cool guy that knows how to make a guitfiddle sing. Please come visit me soon

— uncle bill

Sam Elowitch

I'm struck by the lovely richness of this guitar's sound!

Ken watanabe
At about the 10:24 time stamp you state "before getting into the negatives about the guitar..." But where the negative? I'm thinking about getting one but I can't find one to play,, at Sam Ash, or GC you have to order it before you can get your hands on one. I found a Pro Audio shop in Temecula CA that carries them but they don't allow anyone to touch/demo them without purchasing one out right??? I even tried to contact G&L through there on-line mail/request section, 6 months ago, still no answer. Looks like a great guitar (looking for S-Style,… Read more »
Felix The Cat

Must have removed his negatives? confusing clip but nice guitar


With the push-pull pot in the up position, the #3 (middle) position engages the middle pickup alone.

Nazmo King

Great review – exactly what I would want to see in a review of a guitar that's a little different like this one. Especially appreciate you showing the clean sounds in all the different pickup positions. Seems like a lot of tonal variety for a guitar in this price range.

Final Frontier

Looks a bit yellow to me rather than white. Is this just because of your lighting?

John S

Sweet tones right off the bat...nice nice nice.

Nazmo King

Curious if you're still loving this guitar? I'm still thinking about one. You seem to pretty much get a single coil chime for the most part with the noiseless pups. I really like the additional 2 pickup positions offered and the 2 tone knobs. Also, I hear G&L's tremolo's are very good and I use mine a lot. Any tuning stability issues while you were still using the trem?

Aleksandar Stanojkovic

So what are the negatives? :/ you say "before I talk about the negatives..." and then pretty much end the video...

The Z coil pickups are interesting...G&L sells them as a set of 3 on their website. I was interested in replacing the pickups on one of my Strat partscasters to see if I could have a truly quiet Strat. This project involved a blank pickguard and cutting for the pickups as a pickguard is not available. Also it meant enlarging the cavities in the body. The result was a quiet guitar but the sound is different. Actually I think my Nashville Teles are closer to a true Strat sound than these pickups. They are quiet but if I were to… Read more »
Legato Modi

On the issue of the pickups having their own sound, i think the body wood does imprint a very not very stratocaster sound. Its mahogany rather than alder like most strats. Other mahogany bodied guitars usually have a more crunchy sound, like most all of the Gibson models. Id hope the passive bass and treble could bring it back to more like a strat. The pickups no doubt probably have a significant effect too.

Emery Calame

I don't like the Legacy because that's not the name of a missile or related to war ordinance in anyway. G&L should stick to their naming convention theme.


I like the idea of the Comanche Z-coil pickups but they just don't sound great to me. I might like a Comanche body with vibrato but with two humbuckers and a maple neck. G&L would make one for me if I got an American model. Maybe later when I'm rich.

Broken Angels Studio

i loved your review, clear, good playing and none of that g&l story about leo fender and his heritage etc. i find that kinda annoying since if you know the brand you already know those things i think. anyway you cleared my doubt about the two additional positions. thanks 🙂