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I love SGs for look tone sustain and comfort. Great for high gain power chord rock but too muted to do nice crisp cleans. A Strat outshines it in that area. A Strat is also easier to get subtlety and nuance out of in clean mode. They both have their niche.


Just got one its plays n sounds killer!! Love it. 🤘🏽


I just realized I hate guitar players.

Tayyare Pilotu

I have same shoes but my mom washed hot water and translated to gum

Jess Philip Rodriquez

Beautiful guitar and beautiful playing. Love the cherry red finish.

Mr RiffRaff

What ist your favorite of Gibson SG Standard 2019
Red or Black ?

Antonio Cappelli

Tom you are the best guitar player on the web, each guitar review made it it's a must!


What is the amp do you use for this video ?


All the trouble I had to go through with my brand new 2016 SG T Standard, changing tuners, filing the nut, getting hardshell case, was completely worth it. My SG is awesome, IMO.

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

I have ALWAYS preferred the sound of an SG over every other guitar I've ever heard. Certainly better than anything I've ever owned.
Blame Tony Iommi!
Then blame Angus Young!
And let's not forget Frank Zappa!

michel taillon

irrelevant to the review but, i have to point that having seen a bunch of your reviews, either you found this guitar inspirational, either it was a realy good playing day for you but, Tom these chops and these lines ! wow!!!


Man, I keep leaning toward getting one of these and your playing has done nothing to discourage that.

Mister Bin

I hope one day my dream came true and I'll take it.

Marty ldl

Tom quayle makes any guitar sound fantastic

Jimi Bowman

Sorry but the Jay Turser JT-50 Custom with Gold hardware is the very best Sg Available Not Gibson...

Sean Myers

Can they make an Sg that’s not red or black that also isn’t $2000+

Blizzbee R.

A les paul sound is more tubey, jelly while a SG sound is more woody, punchy. To me les paul sound is more handsome and SG sound is more manly. Am I too abstract??

Jimi Bowman

Jay Turser JT 50 Custom Sg With gold hardware rivals Any Gibson Standard Sg

juan fran lopez

Guitar tab for this spectacular solo please?

m. saint

Full bat wing SG is better looking than the '61 RI.

Åke Nordin

I have just bought one. It really sounds great!

Samuel Hodges

Played one of these on a recording session in Holly wood once. It was not mine, but I really wanted one after that. It was like butter in your hands.

Glenn Evans

Yeah that cost cutting seems extreme...not providing some sort of case...guitar looks and sounds well though...