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Nr2. Greco LP, no serialnr, made 83-84 he says, very good condition he says. shiny red, almost orange looking, Classic"plastic" tuners, uncovered PU`s, 3,6kg, Darker than a "silver like" Greco Loggo on the headstock on this one. (Somone commented, "A history collection with ( open O ) series, Nice stuff, you know what it weighs?"). It has original PU`s, and the seller has asked a very well known and respected shop/dealer in my country about this guitar, but he could not say really what this guitar is for a model. (this is the one i feel im a litlle more… Read more »
BK guitar repair & restoration

Agree, Tokai as well, own a few and they all are fantastic sounding guitars, very lively, lots of dynamics.
thanks for the video...

Troy Frost

Rob Ha... How do I go about buying a les Paul like this .Troy Frost

Joey Larimore

Only two companies world wide that make the true Les Pauls and Sg's...Epiphone and Gibson...end of story...

Morgan Baker

Do you have any info on the EG-59 models?

Four Owls

What about the EG-360 model? These are Matsumoku made and usually Matsumoku was pretty good...

Rob Hanson Hi ! 🎸 Greco didn't make any Guitars , but were a Brand name of the Kanda Shokai ( Corporation ) who are a Distribution Company ➡️ FujiGen made these Guitars for them ( Like they did for Hoshino ( U.S.A. ) for their Ibanez branded Guitars ) as dld other Japanese Factories probably — ( Matsumoku ) .➡️ Kanda Shokai make Gretsch guitars these Days amongst others 🎸 😎 🎩

Greco waa Fender Japan, so what, they sound close enough, just adjust the friggin amp! Duh!


I've noticed those hollow archtops on 70s grecos. and all the other 70s japanese knockoffs. Not sure it affects the sound negatively


Great job mate, I had to do a shitload of googlin' (as you have too, no doubt) to get all this info a few years ago. Your EG700 is an arse-kicker too! Off to check out yer Super Real/Mint Collection one now, cheers!