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avg price for one right now on ebay is closer to $1500

Rui Campos

what type of batteries you use on the eletric peg winder??

T. R.

Nice video man!
I have the Ar300 from 1983 that is incredible, but I also tried a Korean one from 2002 and it was very good too, but the new Chinese ones are not as good as the Korean ones IMO

Lukas M

Great video and channel, man!  Keep up the good work!

Michael Achenbach

Yeah, Ibanez make great guitars. I own myself a ARX500 custom, an awesome guitar, great for blues, and rock (early '70s). But my Paula, a '70 Tribute has a lot of more balls and grind, sustain and also highs. I think this is a result of the dirty fingers pu's this Gibson has. But seriously, the Ibanez is still a great guitar too, which I love. The craftsmanship, the finish playabillity is awesome...as well as the outstanding look !!!


Nice video.  The original 2619s had ebony fretboards, as did '80s AR300s.  The recent flurry of ARs (320, 325, 420, etc.) have rosewood fretboards, while the new Prestige 2619 again has ebony.  I have an '81 and '86 Super Edition, both of which are excellent instruments.

Noud Koevoets
Of course the Ibanez AR300 is heavenly based on the Gibson Les Paul but there arealso some differences as for the bridge construction a piece of brass is embeddedin the body which gives the guitar a nice extra ring! The neck pick up sounds reallysmooth and the distortion is just what an old rocker wants (in fact, me)I owe both guitars and I have a very good sounding Gibson Les Paul custom from1972 (they are not all equal in quality around that time — sandwich body construction)The 58 pick ups were really good as well. The only real minor to my… Read more »
Noud Koevoets

Oh, sorry, I forgot. My AR300 is from 1981 but still an ebony fretboard and of course the extra single coil / phase switches on it. I heard the Korean made guitars are a good second and even the Chinese batch isn't bad but I do not have any experience
in this field. Just try and compare if you are able to do so!


I have a red 1981 Ibanez Blazer that will make an AMerican Strat run and hide it plays and sounds so good!!!!!

Batphink Reynolds

As soon as you started playing 'Fly By Night' I started 'Air Drumming' it must be an instant reflex 'lol. Lovely guitar and great playing! The Ibanez is a lovely guitar but that LP sounded slightly better to my experienced ears, possibly the slightly hotter pickups?. Great clip bro Rock On!


I have a 1981 AR100 which has Ibanez V2 pickups which I believe are close to Super Distortions. To me it sounds a little dead and characterless but maybe that's how Les Pauls sound.

trillrif axegrindor

i noticed you were doing the pee pee dance during fly by night or you
were groundhogging (you know,when you really have to poo)
i hate when that happens when im playing.

Jas0n Chapman

the ibanez sounds a little warmer than the LP.

Mike Magnum

That AR300 kicked that Les Paul's butt... It's no wonder that they called them "The Les Paul Killer"...... I have a 2013 AR420 that is both beautiful and extremely well crafted! It sounds exquisite and as good as this AR300 in my opinion.

Wise Guy

"...allows doctors to lie to their patients..." If you're concerned your doctor is lying to you, switch.


My Japanese 1982 AR300 has extra 3-way switches for each pickup...back in the day I think the guitar featured here would be an AR100?


I liked the tone of the Les Paul better.


I have a 1982 AR300 Cherry Sunburst (from new) which has 2 x Tri-sound pickup selectors not featured on this guitar...hence this one probably would have been called an AR100 in those days.