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Green jokes detective

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Tommy Callahan

Badass! I just bought a used Dean ML from guitar center with my tax return.

Rob R

Get the fishman set if you are going active. If you swap the switch for a five way mega you can get all the voicings without using lame
Push pull pots. The KSE set is surprisingly killer.


To be honest I've been playing guitar for about 4 months and inwillmnotnjuy anything but a Gibson's I've got 3 already and I love them all.not trying to he a prick but I cant even play chords yet that's how new I am at playing but when you have money you dont bu shit guitars like jackson

Pauls Country

Soloist neck has great lower fret access.

I Nėēd 2 b unbanned Plsš

I got the same guitar and I think it’s fucking horrible, the strings feel like a bass that’s tuned super high and hard to press

Scott Sterling

Killer shirt Kevin! I fucking love that album. You should make some vids with ToddLeeMD

Charles Garcia

Great vid man can you make a vid about all of you gear


Holy shit your jacked dude. You have a great guitar collection man I have to say i'm impressed


Hell yea. Just got into your channel about 3 weeks ago and had no idea you live in Michigan. I do to man.

Tony Glock
Nice guitar man! My first guitar was a black Epiphone Demon V. It was a nice starter guitar and of course I had to have something Metal looking. I switched the stock bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup and that turned it into a sonic beast. I paid $129 for the guitar on clearance online at Music 123 and I believe I bought the pickup off Musicians friend for like $60. Ill be honest here unfortunately I acquired a pretty bad opioid addiction and practically gave that guitar away...I sold it for $20!😥 I could kick myself in… Read more »
Robert Enriquez Mr. Eastside San Jose

I want to get big arms fast...can u tell me how ?

Elliot Shaw

Dude you're awesome. Amazing bodybuilding but your guitar technique is even more impressive. It just reinforced don't judge a book by its cover

Remy Ortiz

Your a safe geezer 😀😀😀😀😀😁😁 great snot slime colour

robert funkhouser

Been subscribed for 5 or so years. Cant to wrong with a channel about lifting and metal 💪

Ancient Strings

Lol I did the same thing with the zebra and I regret not buying it X (

The Man

Is that a 150-watt line 6 Spyder?

Had mine for years, I love that amp. So many effects, and I love the sound you can get even with gross amounts of distortion.


So sick dude... would love to have one of these.

mike dothan

get yourself a fetting hammer and a notched straight edge. take the strings off and make the neck perfectly flat. use a fret rocker on the frets. gently tap down the high frets and areas. restring and with the added tension it should give it just enough of a back bow. now see if it has any fret buzz.


You're from the detroit area, Right? What do you think about huber breese? I've been thinking of going there but it's a bit of a drive so i don't wanna go if it's lame.

DragonFrog FrogLeggs

Have you thought about getting a 7 string fanned fret for the heavy low tunings? The kind of low tones that rattle your bones? Just curious? Love the vids bro! Keep up the kick ass vids!!!

Olivier Bertrand

I bought that brand new jackson SLX in wood and yeah I love that guitar so much