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I have this guitar its my favourite guitar i had it for about over 2 years now its so amazing that they had to put on guitar world this guitar is really versatile it can really do anything !. i play prog rock and metal on it jazz blues * FUNK !!!!* and really anything ! and its better then the les pauls of today!


@sirgerry because like the prs singlecut and various others hamer has QUality control unlike gibson where getting a good les paul is hit or miss mostly miss nowadays


The XT series isn't new, you idiot. It's been around for quite a while. I have a Standard (Explorer shape) that i bought in 2006. These guitars easily compete with Gibsons, and they're actually relatively difficult to find to test. I love mine, and i definitely recommend them to anyone.


This guitar sucks. Sounds like shit even after processing.


Wait...it's pronounced "haymer"? I deent know dat.


Its hammer time! lol 😀 ~cool looking ax though~


Me: Hey paul nice scarf... HA!

Paul: 0:09 — 1:14

Me: Okay okay, you can pull off the scarf look...


Uugh i only stay subbed to see what new products are out i don't even watch these shoddy demo's, every guitar sounds the same, thin, bland, generic... top comment is right their production is terrible, go to proguitarshop if u want real demos



I think the compression is more a result of how much gain they always use and to some extent whatever amp as well. There's definitely some verb or something there though.

Ultimately though, GW is in the business of selling gear. Plain and simple.



I didn't either, but in fairness the tool is spelled with two 'm's

JD Freeman

@onetwomeansnothing HELL YES THEY DO BIG BOI ;D

Paul Moon

Journey probly all the distortion sound the same doesn't it? Go and die then get reborn with better ear


and suddenly you're the most retarded person to ever exist.

al novak

how much is this guitar ,there seems to be a couple of differant ones


Has anyone actually played one these? That neck joint looks VERY cumbersome and restricting. Worse than a Les Paul even.

Lucas Matthews

are these pickups the same as the ones in shecter guitars?

Daryl Winn

Is Hamer still in business? Also, what brand of overdrive/distortion and other FX are you using here?


Wish they'd post which amp and effects they use. My hammer sounds fantastic but much brighter because the maple cap and I'm sure the amp has a lot to do with it. Playing through Marshall jcm and fender super champ

Chino Herrera

It feels great to be an owner of a Hamer guitar.I have a Hamer Xt Series Standard Explorer with a quilt top and I love it too much. <3


Hamer's import guitars are some of the best out there. I have two Standard's and one Vector. All 3 are fantastic. 

Brian Cullen

Sounds a lot better than the PRS SE, and cheaper.

Charles Drake

I just wish it was a double cutaway. 🙁


It's a tragedy that hamer has ceased trading ... . 

ajpmj jmpja

i just love how this dude solos, its amazing and its what i want to learn to do can you TAB something like that for me? even though im sure its just improvised off the top of the head playing


It's nice but it's a les paul and that means it has to be a Gibson.

They should just make it a different shape.

Stephen Stobbs

@14GreenBall would u pay a grand when u can get a perfectly good quality instrument for les money ?

Stephen Lafferty

@DaveDangerous74 You understand that Hamer are attempting to capture the market of those guitarists who love traditional shapes but can't afford the Gibson marque — and mark-up?

Marc Patrick Norman

Played a Hamer (older model) for the first time the other day and was very impressed with the action and feel. Plays like butter.


they see paul play,

potatoes gonna potate


@sirgerry cheaper price. In some Les Paul models, one only pays for the Gibson logo instead of the good sound.

have you checked Epihpone Elitist line? 😉