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Anmol Karki

cant miss Richard with his iconic demo sweater and his brown shoes. And of course his great playing.

Kevin Kevin

Once you turn on the distortion, overdrive, fuzz or whatever, you could plug in a hundred different guitars with x2 humbuckers and they'd all more or less sound identical. What differences there might be would be insignificant. In other words, what it looks like, how much it costs and how it feels are the only things that set this apart from anything else hanging on a wall.

Warren Schimizzi

I've always wanted a guitar with P90s. I think I just found it.


Always liked Hamer U.S. Artist and Custom DC models. Are the two in your video made in Korea ? Cheers


Just got a Monaco last week. Would have bought it sooner if this demo was out! 👍🏿


Not a fan at all, there plenty much nicer guitars for that kinda money