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Kegan VanSickle

It's a good deal, but I can't get behind this model much because it is such a blatant copy of the brand they are ripping off, in this case ESP LTD EC-1000.

ellis assassin

It's a great mod platform I have changed the tuners with vanson tuners which are pretty decent but I will be replacing them for higher quality tuners soon I have so many ideas of what I want to do with it and at some point i will see about getting stainless steel frets installed because yeah it's a cheap instrument but as soon as I held mine for the first time I knew I'd never get rid of it and I want it to be at it's best

pascal bxl

30 years ago you had really crap for that price...have two hb now, the sc custom vb and sc 550, love them both. Good looks and nice sound. (My opinion)

Ken Hinzman
Man, when I started ('95 or so,) starter kits were god-awful. The good kits ran at least $200US. Guitars had horrible pickups, particle board bodies, tuners that did not tune and janky fretwork that would cut you if you tried to slide. Solid State amps sounded like ass, and reverb wasn't even an option at that level.A couple years ago, I was living in an apartment, and wanted something small to plug into. After a bit of research, I picked up a Blackstar ID:CORE 10 for $100US. I have to say that I was blown away by the sound quality… Read more »
Sheldon Ross

Ill buy that kit right now if they throw in the dinosaur!!

Blake Curtis

The American accent you use. Thank you for that.

MT Rich

I'd get that guitar ,but I don't want to get a guitar that's just geared towards just metal. Because you can get a Telecaster and still play good metal music but if metal is not your Forte you would want it to have a wide range of sounds other than just metal.

American Patriot

how thick is the neck. I need some thing as cheap as a HB with the neck of an Ibanez wizard

Geometric Turtle

I personally thought it sounded better with the Harley Benton amp

mark gueren

Funny... I started playing in the mid 80’s...yeah I’m old!! Lol... I paid more for my first guitar than this whole bundle... I think it’s great that beginners now have some inexpensive options to see if it’s something they will like... Then after time get yourself a nice guitar and learn to mod/ upgrade/ setup a guitar with the HB... I think some people are missing the point of some of these entry level guitars!! Great review!!

Riley Maier

I like this Harley Benton stuff. I think I’ll save up and buy one for my band

RJC 72

Basically a cheap ESP/Gibson hybrid guitar. Since it includes the amp and accessories, I guess it's a good deal for 200 pounds.

Rene Orion Salmon

Did you play Walk on dropped D? For shame, Colin, for shame!


Its actually a really great package for a beginner. There is no reason to go all out when you're just starting out. That's everything you need to get started for less than 200 and the guitar is probably as good as many 500 dollar guitars. I love what Harley Benton is doing.

ayy james

Hey, do you know when you accidentally set your breakfast cereal on fire? Well

Sometimes I plug my metal zone into my line 6 with the insane channel turned on and the drive all the way up and play break stuff by limp bizkit

Blah Blahsen
nice guitar, was not impressed with the amp. for 160 that guitar is pretty sweet, double actives and set neck, hell, i would have loved that back in the day, not a fan of mahogany, too dark for me, but its quality wood, my personal preference aside. the amp however, i think if you looked second hand pawn shops you could get as good if not better metal amp without much effort. sounded very mid-flat and the bass was really muddy. overall not bad for the price but if you can get just the guitar for 160, id shop around… Read more »
HomeValue Glass
Hey buddy, I'm wondering if you had the chance to try both the HB SC custom active vs the HB SC 1000 progressive line? Both have active humbuckers and I'm trying to figure out if they use the same pickups or if the custom uses a better quality pair? If they're the same, seems like the progressive is a great deal for the price; longer neck even. Here's the listings for both. Thanks again for the review.*Harley Benton SC-Custom Active VB. Item # 381311(2 x Active Roswell LZ51N Alnico / LZ56B-Ceramic humbuckers)*Harley Benton SC-1000 VB Progressive Line. Item #314901(2 active… Read more »
thelittlest potato

Those pickups almost sound hollow to me for some reason.

Jack Towers

I recently upgraded the pickups in my LTD and was left with a set of EMG 81/85 laying about, I bought this guitar solely to have something to put them in. I regret nothing


Would recommend this to an intermediate/advanced player ? Keeping in mind i can do most upgrades by myself ? Thanks

Beau Reading

So, I own the Australian version of this guitar (Made by Artists Guitars) Mine came with EMGs and locking tuners. Seems my hardware is better all round.

Scott Kettel

What is the thing just above the nut on your guitar


This video was helped me to make a decision about buy this guitar. Now i have my first guitar to play ! Im very happy now! Let's rock ! m/

thomann is affordable but their delivery times are way over exagerated and the sales reps only respond every 3-5 days unless you bypass them and deal directly with techs or management. i just ordered that guitar on 2/2/2019 and its been over 3 weeks and they keep liing and giving me these order tracking links that are false narratives.so, as a research investigator i called u.s. customs, track number does not exist, USPS has not received shipment, DHL in germany says its in a sorting warehouse but they do not know which one so it hasnt even shipped. i never… Read more »

In the world of guitars for beginners there is often little themed for the aspiring metal musician. Thomann comes to the rescue with the Harley Benton Progressive Line bundle featuring a classic metal inspired guitar, amp, and accessories all for under £200

Bundle: https://bit.ly/2nNd522
Guitar: https://bit.ly/2w9qfu1

HomeValue Glass

Wow, fantastic tone off those pickups, even with the little practice amp. Thanks for the review. I'm seriously considering this one, the vintage les paul sunburst clone and the 7 -string baritone. It's $30 shipping bundled for up to 3 guitars. So dang cheap, you can't afford not to buy.

Ian Nunez

Just ordered one with the Floyd Rose and Passive pickups. Can’t wait to try it out.


Got this exact bundle for the Best Man at my wedding, went down well.

hugh mcloone

Enjoyed your vid, I'm looking at guitars at the moment and as a beginner Harley Benton guitars seem to be the best bang for buck, as you say a lot of guitar for very little money


Came from a rabbit hole stayed for the guitar and that wicked Mjolnir!!!!!


It wants to be an EC1000/Eclipse so badly. It’s adorable.

Hank Hill

Man, Harley benton has you Youtube guitarists by the fucking nuts don't they? You're destroying quality instruments by promoting these pieces of shit. Companies can't keep with their bullshit low prices. Thanks to all of you pricks we will only have Harley Benton guitars by year 2020. But you shills don't care about that shit, do ya?

mario antagonist

Some people really say they hear no difference to EMG PUs.

But as you hear in this video these "HBZ" are very powerless especially with this crappy HB amp.