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Purple Floyd

Next week on Stating The Bloody Obvious TV: "Water. How To Get It Into Your Glass"

Filip Lajčin

Great series of videos. Can someone explain to me what's the difference between input level and gain level on my Tascam 60D MkII?

That Drummer From Europe

Awesome content. Beautifully produced and extremely enlightening and easy to understand. Subscribed and will be tuning in for more.

Extreme Dream Team

Thank you very much. Very helpful and detailed Video.

The Tactical Traveler

I really like this series of videos. I am looking forward to seeing the next installment.

M Santana

As always, great info! Keep up the great work AB!

The Gary & Mark Show

Fantastic video. I am learning so much. Thanks AB. Is there a place on B&H where all of these videos can be found in one spot?

Secret Stuff ™

Looking forward to the next video. I run a zoom f4