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Hi Paul, new subscriber here 🙂

I just watched your demo of Ibanez RG6PCM-LTD Premium model for StompboxTV.

Unfortunately, there was only playing in that demo, no talking. I think they didn't let you share your opinions with us on the instrument.

I am stuck between these two models. Can you please help me? This guitar or Premium model? What would it be for you?


okay i got the standard model of this one well its good enough as my first electric

Rich P

Great videos Paul! What sort of oil would you recommend on a guitar like this? (I got mine about 9months ago and LOVE IT)

Marcus Blackfellow

Great guitar porn. I have an RG652MPB on the way. I want to do some meth with this limey. He looks like one of those guys who gets excessively nice and goofy when he does it.


I have this guitar. It's the greatest guitar Ive ever seen or touched.

Arkhan 07

How much does this guitar cost? pleasee help

Mike, TheAnimated

And they say Ibanez is only good for metal. Hah!

Stewart Crawford

Just ordered the white version . Looks great .

Mike, TheAnimated

Wow this is one hell of an axe; I want one!


Dear Paul how was the feel of the neck on the Rg652 AHM compared with the JS2450 because I like Joes models but this rg caught my eye?


That's one sweet sounding Ibanez, awesome amp too. I have the RG2650, also a solid ash body. Sounds/plays great! Great video as always Paul

Ducati Dude

Just purchased an Ibanez RG652AHMFX-NGB... her name is 'Roxanne'... ✔

Orlando Morales

That tone on the bridge pickup pushed clean tho! I'm looking at the RG652MPB which I'm pretty sure is the same as this but with a burl top. Lovely guitar, it might be my next gear purchase and first Ibanez. Great playing btw!


You seem to have tried a lot of Ibanez guitars, JEM 77P or RG6PCMLTD if looks are not in consideration?


How does it compare to the Jackson pro Dinky 2 DK2MQ...
That one has similar colors, but alder body, seymour Duncan pups. Seems a bit more lively than the Ibanez, as far as Youtube sound goes. Has anyone played both of them?

Hans Wurst

i ordered mine today, the waiting is killing me.


I'm looking at buying this guitar but with a fixed bridge or a 2017 Gibson SG Standard. I play metal and will have the guitar set up in a Drop C#. I know they are very different guitars but what do you all think? Thanks

Star Fighter

It's as if Ringo Starr played and reviewed guitars.


Great demo, as always! Ordered mine yesterday, can't wait!!! BTW, what's the deal with http://www.ibanez.com/products/u_eg_detail.php?year=2016&cat_id=1&series_id=32&data_id=444&color=CL01? It's not featured on their JEM listing but as you can see they've already put a page for it. I think the release is set to November 2016.

ܐ܃ ܂ ܃ ܃ܔܛܔܔ

i like that they put an Edge on it

Rodrigo Dominguez

Paul! Because of you, I decided to take the plunge and get the left-handed version. Waiting for it with bated breath. Love your videos! Keep pumping Ibanez!

low batt

I have an rg421ahm.looks just like this except for the headstock.plays amazing but wouldnt be close to this.I just imagine I am playing a prestige...

d costo

cool looking guitar , like the maple neck on a ibanez , do all ibanez have the super wizard neck , the jem seems to have a thicker neck , but overall , ibanez seem to be ahead of a lot of other brands in terms of quality and build .


Oooooh my dreame guitar... CRAP LIMITED EDITION WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET 1000$????????????????????

Brad Gore

Just got mine yesterday love it great vid bro!

Steve James

Does the neck on this have a lacquer finish, or is it unsealed? Thanks!

Frankie Baker

The 752 version is also really amazing. Nicest 7 I have played pickups not overly gainy (use pedals) so its not too dark.

Greg Wienholt

Thanks for doing the clean, very nicely by the way, as well as the gain sounds

Andrew Levister

Are they good for super heavy stuff like Slipknot, Pantera and Megadeth?

Rodrigo Dominguez

Forgot to ask — what kind of oil did you use for the neck? It is safe to do so? I've never oiled a neck — totally uninitiated.


Hey Paul, i'm having a hard time choosing between the guitar you play in the video and RG652MPB which is mahogany instead of ash, everything else on the guitars is the same, no music shop nearby have them in stock so i can't try them and see for my self, i'd really appreciate it, if you could help me, have you tried RG652MPB??

M Shadows

Why is it every demo they play the same regurgitated 80's jerk off licks??? Riddle me that she!+


I am so glad I was able to buy this guitar. I am not rich but have my guitars. So, I am a happy man!

Ross Krause

Ordering mine Monday in the Antique White Blonde color...Jonesing already! So it will arrive at my house next Thursday !

Great Review. I just got this guitar a couple of days back after a 3 week wait. Your review was instrumental (pun intended) in my purchasing this guitar. 🙂 Love the guitar man, what a versatile guitar. Love the Dimarzio Pickups. Much better sound/ quality than my Ibanez RG570 made in Japan one (with the stock V7-S1-V8 pickups). The RG570 will sadly get step motherly treatment now since this will be my main go to guitar for the future. Now I'll have to re-adjust all my patches on my Boss GT-001 for this guitar or create new ones for this… Read more »

Any recommendations on pickup replacements on an ash body RG Paul? I'm thinking of swapping out the stock DiMarzio/IBZs on my RG2560, which is a stunning guitar, I just want a little more mojo from the pups 😉