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I love the looks and specs of it... but the prices are going up and I can't really justify buying an Axion label when I can get an ESP E-II for just a few hundred more.

Chris James

Ha, that guy at the begining. 'Hello? Henning's neighbour? Yes sure, I'll get him to tone his jumpers down'

Dragan M

Its nice to see Henning reviewing a "betterer" model guitar. The ultra thin body is awesome and so is the color and finsh! 🤟


it sucks that the prestige versions with the fishmans only come with the voicing switch and no "coil tap" like the premium one. henning! please complain about it to that ibanez guy, Dan

James Yellow

Wow, sexy. Schade dass du nicht die Dean Dave Mustaine Angel Of Deth Gitarre testen kannst. Vielleicht von Thomann bestellen und zurück schicken, wharscheinlich zu viel verlangt. Könnte ich auch selber machen, aber ich habe keine richtige Erfahrung ob eine Gitarre das Geld wert ist bzw. ob sie wirklich gut. Ps. 28:26 Lamb Of Gods Walk with me in Hell? ...Grüße aus der Nähe Stuttgart ✌️

Павел Шепелев

Hi. Can we expect ibanez lhm1 review? Can't find even single one on youtube.

Florian Baiker

This guitar as a RGA and I would be sold. The S-Series is just too thin and lightweight for me 🙁


Saw two in person at different stores the past few weeks. Both had sharp frets trying to be covered up by binding, the neck had tiny dings on it, the pickup routing could have used more sanding (looked like almost none) and and the fishing had micro flaws all over.
Felt solid as hell
Sounded even more solid
The S body shape and neck profile is absolute perfection

I feel like this price is inflated due to stock fishmans and Ibanez cuts corners on QC fine details. If this guitar cost maybe 15% less, it would be a great deal.


... it would´nt be "Top-heavy" with the right tremolo and it´s great Steel block... 🙂 No "S" should be without... just saying...

Poo Ninja

2:55 ? Selector or looking for the bar I think you may have been under the fluentz 😂

Rohan Jangam

Great video mate! Really hope to see the Ibanez JBM10FX (Jake Bowen signature) here soon.


Beautiful guitar and lovely playing 🙂

lndrld Cold

Bout time! (And I bought it already because I couldnt wait any longer and didnt wanna wait til the May shipment.)
Henning knew everyone wanted this and made us wait.
But as always, you delivered Henning.

Rick Duff

This is great timing, Im looking at these hard thanks for the review!

Michael Jeck

Beautiful playing on the intro Henning. Henning I tried changing my nut (yes I said that) on my cheap guitar, it was plastic. Now the nut I got is a little shorter in height. Why did I all of sudden think I was a Luthier? lol


Finally, been waiting 2 months for this demo 😀 No volute is probably exactly because they try to avoid too much neck dive on this thing. I hope it wont be too bad when I get to play this thing.

Leo of Red Keep

Love the Ibanez S series. I have several. This one sounds good too.

Anus Repair Man

will you be reviewing the Lhm1? Im looking forward to the guitar mainly for the guitar but the over all specs are basically this guitar.


Btw Henning, in the title says SA61, and its the S61AL. Good Review like always, lovely axe imo


You like wenge’s older brother, panga-panga’s dark wood sex position?


yuck the neck is fatter than the body...


That F# at :19 was clutch ;)... All in good fun bud Henning


26:30 Did this mofo just play smoke on the water in drop D on the 6th string blasting gain on 10 and get away with it? Not on my watch.

Lars Marten høk

Your version of for the love of god makes me feel alot better about mine haha

Christian Charette

Great! Now i want to buy a guitar.


I really like this guitar. Might have to buy one.

James Ian Davis

Looks like someone has their finger in the jack pot


Finally! This was the most anticipated of them all! I'd have loved to see the 7 string version but hey, I'll take what I can get.

The guitar seems sick!

Frederic Elene

bought it... thanks... looking so great...will compliment my Roadcore


So many gud guitars these days...but who's buying them? Kids today are so lazy and has no idea wut gud music is. They rather play Guitar on Xbox listen to today's crap music. BTW, that jack is in the most annoying place! The light weight is gud for playing behind the head and throwing around your body...

Don Karnage

This video reminds me. I never see you play that JS1000 that you have. Please give it some love sometime soon. Mine needs a fret job.

Martin Cliffe - Music, Minimalism and More

Nice looking guitar. Sounds surprisingly dark for a lightweight guitar without a tone control.

adam hajrula

S's balance just fine on a strap. I can't play a guitar with neck dive and I play S's almost exclusively at the moment. You take a gibson with a much heavier body and the neck dives. Strap peg placement is more important than weight.

Vlad Snape

6:58 "It is impossible to make a neck and a headstock that balances with this body" — no, it is not impossible, the neck and headstock could be made with carbon fibre

Four Chord Set

Thanks Henning for putting so much time and effort into the videos. Beautiful playing by the way.


Hey Henning have you tried the Hamstead 60RT amp. If so, what is your take on it. Im at a toss up between the Hamstead and the Revv Dynamis.