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I still want it can i get this one in 2018
It,ll be so cool if my itunes library is synced.
Best music player for gym
And also i want the red colour.
I am pretty late but i think it doesn't matter at all


I’m assuming it’s too late to enter the giveaway in late 2018 lol

I got one of these in blue and 32GB, and I use mine as what iPods were always intended for — to keep all my music on. I like having my music lossless, which takes up more storage than regular MP3 files, and I don't wanna hog my phone's storage, so I keep it on the iPod. It's also good for studying, as I can listen to music without getting distracted by phone notifications. (I have no apps on my iPod aside from a couple of music apps). Also, I have an Android phone, so the iPod allows me to experience… Read more »
Marvin Dayzie

I rather have 128gb for Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation


In 2018 the 32gb is 200$ and the 128bg is 300$ it's been three years since 3 gen came out even if they dropped new one it's only gonna look nicer an prolly have bunch extra stuff you don't need so I'm definitely picking one up this year

Siddharth ghosh

The iPod Touch metal score is actually better than the iPhone 6

nik yt

Am I the only Samsung guy watching this video.

Bozata BG

wait is this a phone without the phone part? and by that i mean is this a phone with which you can't call anyone

Radit Khan

How many price????????? please someone told me


I think the iPod Touch is pretty much ded now. R.I.P.


Man this was my first phone in 2012 so I was like 7 years old now I have a iPhone 8 🙂

Husna Kutama

Hey marq,i wanted to know if u still have this exact ipod touch 6,if you do reply plsss

Lijo Thomas

I really wanna see a refreshed version of it in 2019

Bishwas Mishra

Typical customer :

First time iOS users.

Rakesh sood



This is just iphone... but without the calling mechanism...

Isak - Roblox and more!

Ipods look exactly like iphones 😂😂😂

daraka 1

What's the difference between iPod and iPhone

Charlie King

Who else is watching years later and wondering if a new generation will ever come out?