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rakistang pinoy

my 12yr old son always wanted a Jackson metal guitar so I bought him this in a blue color. I wanted to get him an Ibanez but he wants a Jackson. He's the player, im the buyer — he wins...m/...


Please dive bomb the shit out of it and review this guitar's trem system

Umberto Maresca

Gorgeous dirty husky timbre...that's why I love jackson...their imperfections sound crappy?! beautiful...music is besutiful because we have different perceptions of of sounds ...

Jeff Arab

Put some invaders or blackouts it will be way better trust

Swapnaneel Bhattacharjee

earlier it came with basswood now it comes with poplar,is there any tonal change? and is there any change in weight

rob studio

what an horrible sound ...... pickups are crap but not at this point !!!!!! try to set upyour distorded sounds better than this

Aris Pappas

This or the epiphone les paul standard plus top pro

Jorgeä Baezp

Come here for the badass playing. The tone tho, I dunno if it's that they're js series or if it's the fx unit/thing, but at full gain for chugging stuff, the tone is horrible