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Tony IOMMI-74

Japanese Lawsıts are the best. Thanks for the sharing.


Gibson Les Paul Custom still sounded the best by far.


I have a large selection of Japanese guitars especially the LP's. most are better than any Gibby that I own, no joke, I love these guitars and only priced from about 300-900 easily

Tbone j

Where my Dimarzio loaded Hondo2 ???? With the mega slope,d neck...


I liked all of them.For me the hollow Greco sounded most fantastic out of all those fantastic guitars.Thanks for sharing a great collection with us tubers.

Malcolm Hardwick

Thats what i wa sgonna say All of them !

Roman Philippov

You are not right. Aria Pro II PE is not Les Paul. As well as Greco.

Working Man Games

All of em were great. OBG definitely more aggressive. Must have those Bill Lawrence pups they used in the 80s-90s. Burny was close to the OBG's sound as well but less powerful. Good compromise


Amazing that there's still obvious tone variations despite being same specs, template, etc. Is it because of the wood & electronics? In this video, for me I like Gibson-Burny-Orville.

Brennan Ferguson

Only the burny is even a lawsuit guitar...


comparing them with distortion is like comparing them with distortion


1980—1983 Ibanez Blazers were strat. killers!If you have a chance to buy one, do it you wont regret it!

Nite Goat

That red Orville Standard pretty much nailed the sound of the Gibson.

Ash Bowen

Orvilles are Gibsons. No difference but the name on the headstock. They may as well be labeled Gibson Japan.


Nice playing. But actually I think you can't tell a cheap Korean Samick from a 1960's Gibson Les Paul Custom while using these distorted sounds. With a fuzz-box all guitars sound more or less the same.


Dang!I liked all of them. Great playing man.I look daily for a good deal on the Aria LP copy but I would gladly take any of your collection. They are all outstanding.

Harry Williamson

The only lawsuit guitar were the
aria pro 11 and greco and the burnt the rest are Gibson's or licencd by gibson another 5 mins waisted Orville was Mr Gibson's first name

metal micky

I have a late 70's early 80's les paul made by Pearl. Is this consider to be a law suit guitar?


What a collection!! How long did it take to come up all of these? Great playing, too. I just subscribed to your channel and I'd love it if you did the same and let me know what you think of the demos I've put up!

jay s

//////////////////// the burny won//////////////////////

George Lackey

Lawsuit time was about 1978. These are all newer WTF?

George Lackey

Lawsuit time was about 1978. These are all newer WTF?

Jason Post

Do they all have the original pickups ?
Rock nRoll

Wade Guidry

I like that Greco Byrdland copy the best.


Thank you very much for this brilliant video!