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Hey Landon I was pretty sure that I was gonna get an epiphone... but I just ran into a t style that I love... the Michael Kelly 53db... so uhh team tele?

stepvan Joe

I see your back in the swing! I think the player series has Alnico pickup s where as the standard s have ceramics. Finally swapped mine out to the deluxe drive set, w/the 4-way mod and waiting on a new paper in oil cap. Did you sell your blue L.P.?

Tom Corr

Congratulations Landon that’s a real beauty. I’m hearing great things about the player series in general. You may be shocked to know I’ve never watched a Hockey game 😄👍

Terry's GG&G

That gift bag is almost big enough to sleep in !! LMAOL ... I was just talking to ben as to why you where purging stuff ... he was right ... to secretly get something ... ha ha ha ha ha 😛

And peaple wonder why we slag L&M ... see they would have sold that to someone n like you said they'd probly say you damaged it.

Anyways ... congrats !! 🙂

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What is this Lando27music? I only know of Lando27tele

Windows Media Player

Hockey... hah Canadian stereotypes. Sorry for the 10 comments.

Ben Coombs

Catching the replay as I was live when you were lol. Man I love the player's series Tele, congrats my friend!!

Gary Atkins

Nice tele , what are you selling to pay for it , I have to barter with the wife to keep her happy about new gear as well lol

Dale Palmer

Cool guitar Lando. I like the features of the Player Tele. Based on your experience at the store it makes sense to do a live unboxing and evaluation to document the condition of the guitar as received.

X-Men Addict

19 minute vid with 3 adverts inserted. Worse than Fox sports.

The In-Tele-Gent
Gorgeous new rig! Was playing my mexi-tele today and thought the same thing about how much I love the gloss fretboard/satin neck combo, I can't think of one I like any more than that. I was hoping to talk turkey with you on that aquamarine Les Paul (I just hate to see beautiful instruments...well not get added to My lineup), but you live at the other side of the province! If only we could trust our local couriers more. C'est la vie. Very excited to see the latest tele in your stable though, and looking forward to any videos it… Read more »

Lando buddy I ordered a Thunderbird pro from musicians friend (i also live in canada ... this was years ago) they left it in my parents back yard and it was +40 opened the box and it was cracked from the nut all the way down the neck to like the 3rd 4th fret ... needless to say that went back... but who leaves a 800 dollar guitar in someones backyard ffs lol

Ben Hackett

Great, so I stop GASing for a butterscotch blonde tele with black pick guard, start GASing for an Epi G400 Pro, then you get the tele!

Mark Stanford

Nothing prettier than a Butterscotch Tele and a maple fret board. Good job!

Mitch Haman

Nice looking guitar. Congratulations. I actually played a player Tele today at Guitar center. It was nice, just the action was a tad high. I also played a Squire Afinity butterscotch Tele and that played better then I thought it would though the frets ends were a bit sharp. Certainly not as nice as the player.

Patrick LeMoyne

Very nice Tele ! Tele's best guitars ever cos of the simplicity of the design. I'm looking to get another one too , something better than the Squier Classic Vibe that I already own. I might get a Classic series 50's Telecaster Lacquer but I have to try one first.

Wellington 15

Hey Landon,
sorry I missed the stream
This Tele looks and sounds awesome and is a great addition to your Tele-Household Guitar Collection!
I‘m excited for the demo!

Jamal Kareem

Congratulations Landon!!!! I made up my mind and I am going to get a Players Series Tele as soon as I pay off the V and some credit cards. I miss having a Tele and it’s about time I get another one!!! ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

William P

So how are the pickups? No urge to swap them out??

xx_no-scopes_ fordays_xx

ok ill explain my situation i can either get a behringer um2 audio inteface its a really low budget interface 16bit audio and 48khz resolution with an shure sm58 or either i can get a behringer umc202hd interface 192khz/24bit with a behringer xm8500 microphone whats the better choice


I want to get one of these and put p rails in the neck

Jeff Ruebens

The store can add more damages to the front of their guitar and sell it as a faked relic. Like buying pre-worn jeans- people often put style over substance.