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J. Strong
44:00 -ish: I generally do prefer music-related YouTube stuff that is from people like me. Your channel, for instance, is exactly like what you mentioned just before — messing around, experimenting, just having fun and seeing what happens, and I’ve been doing just that since I was 13. I also really love The Super Fun Awesome Happy Time Pedal Show because they seem like they would be people I’d genuinely want to be friends with. They also have that playful and experimental vibe and don’t take themselves too seriously. Andy at The Guitar Geek is another — got into watching his… Read more »

This was very nice Ryan. Do it again. n________n

Adam mc

youre way cooler when you're not trying so hard man

Scott Lovette

oh man, missed it live. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite channels...


I like the sincerity in this vid. When you do the group videos, don't worry so much about trying to be funny. Your natural personality is plenty likable enough.

Chuck Boothe

A really hot humbucker in the bridge and a super 60's honker (P90) in the neck! 😀👍

Chuck Boothe

Yay! HB mod! 😀👍 I missed rhe stream, though 😔

60 Cycle Hum

It really sucks that you cant see everyones comments after the live stream, thats why i dont like doing this sort of thing, it seems broken.

60 Cycle Hum

I wish all the live comments would show up here.