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Hey john
Actually I’m a beginner and I wanna buy acoustic guitar, and I’m so confused, which is better yamaha f-310 or fender sa-105
And what is the difference between them
Plz answer me asap cuz I’m so confused

Fer Lez

I would love to have a tea with Mr Coupland and talk about guitars, amps and music.

The Blytonian
Interesting short pragmatic review John. Most people who play electric have a small practise amp of some description, and have to choose one if not gifted by package inclusion. Important to those just starting out IMV is price point, until certain of commitment. Those two and the Vox Pathfinder are inexpensive, available, and make a noise, yet one is always torn by that "if I spend just a little more" triage temptation. Blackstar's LT Echo series is close in both price and performance too, although the cosmetic form factor of the Fender is cleverer in its appeal. My pick of… Read more »
John Wescott

How to set the amp controls — all EQs at noon, just a little bit of reverb,

John Coupland

I uploaded the rough version by mistake so here is the finished product. Thanks to those who spotted this and to the other 267 of you ?????