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Dustin Dean

It’s pretty sad when a Californian makes better country music than modern country artists.

profsherif salem

Wow pure American taste remains forever June 2019. Egy

Arian Robin

this is my favorite song from metallica after motorbreath🤘🤘

Benjamin Collins

The director filmed this video right before Radiohead's Karma Police lol

Альфа Дуйсенова

One the best voice and one the best song forever

faridah buang

its been 23 years i heard Mama Said on the radio.Still my favourite until today.😉🤘❤️

mark montemayor tinapay

fucking cool song dont matter if its heavy or not, its metallica, full of emotions, love it!!!!!!

Violet Raven

I haven't cried that hard in a long time. What a sad and beautiful song.

Truth Saved

Wow... I need more country from Metallica!

Mr saiful

Give my soon listen!! Jame.! He name in in dis song. He go... Just what mama said you wen not see you...

jose misael Telles

Te amo siempre mamá! En esta y todas las vidas que tenga a encarnar.

Alexey Groshikov

Видимо это что то личное и это просто не подходит Металлике