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Luiz Oliveira

Beautiful song for demonstration! awesome!

Ren Ato

Thanks for the details. I have watched 30 videos on this an everyone changing things by hand. Can this be used like the NUX Cerberus, where you can hit the buttons as pedals? For example, I may have a song where I start with light distortion, chorus, and wha, then in the middle phaser, HEAVY distortion and no wha, etc, back and forth. How do you do it on one of these? I want to sell all of my stomp boxes!

rohman amirudinudin

Please . .metal demonstration. .review

TechWith Todd

I hear the PATCH LAG is BRUTAL and the recording latency is AWFUL. Fix this crap guys.

TJ Kombo

This demo showed me absolutely nothing I needed to know about the unit, and I didn’t care at all because his solo just hooked me!

Samuel Budiyanto

I'd love this MULTI EFFECTS, Moeer GE200 is awesome! Just awesome!

Andrés Márquez

i want to know more about that tube power amp


Are the amp mods and quality same as the GE 100, or is it improved ?

Marcelo Rimoli

Who knows the backtraking notes sequence?

Erick George

Would be nice if there's a bass version of this pedal

Carlo Natali

Nice play and great sound! I'm expecting my Mooer GE200 today but haven't yet received. Could you please share the backing track? Or you could send it to : carlo.natali@vabb.no THNX! Ciao!!!

Fender Blues

Hi well played. Can you say what the name of the tune is please.

Ron Vai

I bought the GE200 before I saw this, an excellent pedal for any excellent guitarist. It's very compact too

aufa zuhdi

Can i use this as a preamp / cab simulator for my stompboxes ?

skip bass

what does name file error mean?i just updated to v2.0 now im getting this error?i can importirs ok.just not patches


could you please give this backing track man?
Very beautiful progession
I need to practice with yr backing track,, thanks so much

Art Alex