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God, I want one... Too bad that by selling my kidney I still won't afford it

Aurel Freak

$3000... or $4000 if you're in europe, because why not. ¯_ (ツ) _/¯


Dude, John Petrucci's facebook page linked to this video!

EZ Assegai

not a fan of evertune but the neck and headstock are just another level beauty

Tremonti 34

I have majesty arctic dream but that guitar is stunning. Love that colour . Amazing👌


The guitar "shredding" starting at 0:42 was atrocious, and a pure indication of your lack of music theory knowledge...considering how much time you spend working on YouTube vids, and surrounding yourself around very talented musicians. On a recent "Coffee With Ola," Misha talked about how he spent a year and a half forcing himself to re-learn how to hold a pick and play with better technique due to frustration, because he felt like he hit a plateau with his playing...which is very admirable and for him to talk about it openly.

Coltin Porter

This video made me check out Thrice's old albums. Thank you

Adhima Ntlakana


Wat is that song u were playing 🤤🔥🔥😅

Kenneth Ross

$3000.00 I'm trying to save to buy a car I'm glad I switched over to acoustic guitar,that would have been hard to resist


Over here they are 5000 dollar 🙁