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Def Siles

Hi Dave, how is the quality of these guitar?

Christian Ong

what is the cheapest amp that I can buy to achieve frusciante's tone?

Botond Szilágyi

This is not cheap,but the Ibanez jumpstart pack is better ? (Just a question)


I wish they would reissue this combo again. Love it!


Yay Orange Is My Fav Color And Just Bought It 😛

Niamh McMahon

I’m looking for a replacement pickguard for my white version of this guitar. It’s orange and I’m not crazy about it. Anybody know some place I can find one?

Jonathan Hvorslev

Do you know any place where they sell this guitar in the color orange?


You look like you're on something,you got more life in you than me...and i'm 16 but i love it,the guitar looks awesome i am getting similar to this one,just black and i think it's rock burn or something...great video!! thumbs up!!

Antonio Bonifati

How long does this guitar stay in tune? Please be honest 🙂 If I buy it and your answer turns out not to be true, I will write the real truth here 😉

Gabriel Martínez

It would be a pleasure to start playing guitar with that mini rig, great review as always your vid are really cool !

Shaq Khan

It's a nice guitar, but damn, so much orange

Nallely Galarza

Got the white one on ebay, came with some minor blemishes on the finish so the seller sent me a black one free of charge. Didn't even ask me to return the bad one.


You convinced me man... I like it, I'm getting the black version right now


Is this discontinued now? I see very less of these in ebay postings .

Digital Ash TCG

Seem's great! Especially for the price! I've played acoustic guitars for a while, but have been thinking about getting this to mess around with.

Martin Portuguez Calderon

Que efectos estás utilizando?