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Alex Kontos

When’s your next single coming out?? Please

worldcuprussia18 #

what a bullshit.hahah...thanks for saving my money!

Mark The Guitarist

love how you can hear his family fighting in the background

Richard Yohanes

Lol... there is no Digitalizes at all

Jason  Arnold

Umm I can see one good use for that you could use it for left hand legato exercise like if you was somewhere like work or something we're you couldn't have your guitar

Justin Rothberg

The only use I can actually see is practising hammer on /pull off or legato. Purely technical. But if you wanted to build up the chops. It couldn't hurt? One for the right hand to build up fingerstyle would make more sense to me. Shed in the car or something?

Mark Shone

but also u could simply make something out of cheap bit of wood and some old strings

Mark Shone

this is actually great for beginners too just sit watching tv or whatever and keep practicing chords just keep moving fingers around helps with muscle memory

Victoria Allison

You saved me from making a big mistake
Thank you so much

Justin W

It's not a good idea to disassociate what the right and left hand are doing, and what both hands are doing from what sound would be produced. Playing an instrument is about making sound. Counter-productive.

Smai Lee

Saw a guy in the metro playing with this. Never had such a strong desire to kill before

Ricardo Araujo

does It not produce any song? unuseful

BlueMystic407 BlueMystic407

What was the song played in the acoustic?


I spend 3 hours a day everyday to get to work and back home, so just to practice lick, dexterity and chords shape I think it's a great tool.

Sam Turner

What a .pointless item. Has strings and a way to tune them but... deosnt make any sound? Wtf ?

zeb doz

Perhaps if you had turned the bloody thing on we could it’s sound

Haydn Po

I laughed and laughed. You're expression was priceless when you took it out the box. Very funny.

Breanna Fairbanks

him playing it has me dead 😂😂😂

Ernst Neumaier

This piece is the biggest scrap ever, a victim

Room 309

I'm waiting for the drum version to come out...Two chopsticks and a biscuit lid

T Camp

I feel for you guy get your refund they robbed you it's fake send it back


This is what they must mean by the phrase "Late Capitalism"