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Dan Anthony

Wow I can’t believe you named all the birds. I thought they where all the same . I never looked that close . Great video dude , play the hell out of that thing.


hi dude, beautiful guitar and cute cat! I wanted to ask how does that wide-fat neck feel? Is it noticeably fatter or not noticeable at all?
How does neck overall feel to you ? thanks man

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great,just fantastic guitar! PRS is one of biggest brand for all time...


I didn't realize the bridge was already "intonate" at those angles. So I guess you can't fine tune the intonation on each string.

Bob Failmann

I didn't get a cat with mine. WTF? Gonna get on the blower to that scumbag dealer.

Mark D

Thx for the vid, I just order one of these, it’s a great looking guitar and the price is amazing for such a high quality guitar, I know this because I have the Zach Myers edition and it plays and feels amazing in my hands and like I said the quality of PRs guitars in my opinion is unmatchable!! Have fun my friend!!🍻🇨🇦

Mark D

Great review, I have the exact same guitar on order and I already have the PRs Zach Myers edition as well. Trust me your gonna love this guitar, the build quality is unbelievable and they sound great. I don’t know how long you’ve been playing but your pretty good bro. all I can say is no matter what this guitar is gonna make you sound better!! Enjoy my friend!!🇨🇦🤟🏼🍺🌿🎸

Christopher Malara

awesome unboxing demo and review man!

cole simoneaux

What did you pay for this guitar? Hopefully, that isn’t too personal lol. But, I’m trying to decide between a fender strat and an SE 245.

N64 Glenn Plant

You just sold me on picking one up — beautiful colour choice too 👍

Mel de Guzman

How is the performance of this Korean PRS SE? I currently have the SE 245 standard and I have a lot of it just cannot stay in tune.

Robby Lopez

I swear I never understood waiting 24 hours before unboxing a guitar to let it “acclimate.” JUST OPEN IT!! How’s that gonna hurt it? It’s gonna acclimate whether it’s in the box or out!

Chadi Gholam

Awsome review man. Thank you!! Ima be getting that same one ! Add my IG chadzilla94

Troy Frost

That Steve V. Tone sounds great man I like it .🥇🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 . Troy Frost troyster 😎Cool Riffs 😎


I must admit that for being the Korean version, it sounds amazing!! Enjoy!!

Gary Ives

when you said made in Korea......I was thinking; how's he get Korea from Indonesia? but this model is in fact made in Korea unlike some of the other current SE models...the Standard models I guess