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Mark Young

ive had this guitar for 4 months and the tune is still in standard, so yes the locking nut/ trem is annoying for tuning/retuning


I had this exact guitar in my hand last week, and hung it back on the rack and chose a Schecter Synyster Gates model. They were almost identical in price. Like the scene in Indiana Jones where the knight says "he chose poorly", so did I. There is really nothing wrong with the Gates, it's just not a PRS. The Torero had a fast ebony fretboard and the Floyd Rose. The pickups on the Gates are so hot that getting a clean tone at volume is not possible. Very hairy. I will get this eventually.


absolutely horrible sound on Ain't Talking 'Bout Love :/


stop playing faster than you are able to articulate, please. You will never advance if you give yourself permission to scramble notes together like that.

Stu R

Dyin to get this guitar and slap some bare knuckle aftermaths in it.


@MrKiller92 It will just sound like any other guitar with active EMG's

The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

dude that van halen riff blew ass sorry but the guitar is sweet

Vladimir Mata

anyone can tell me what song plays in the 0:34?

Andrew Black

@sixstringfretter Lol, I'm in the same boat. Both guitars kick ass, and they both seem pretty similar. I don't really know which one to pick.

And btw, look at Synyster Gates rig, he gets a beautiful sound from the invader on a clean setting. I have one in my Ibanez, and I think it pulls off cleans great!


Has all the right stuff... I just wish they made a "real" model of this! Its too expensive to be an SE, and not good enough to be a CS... 🙁


I'm trying to find a PRS with a good tone for Rock n Roll solo pieces... all the videos i'm watching have the PRS sounding pretty ...bad...

Mariano Giacinti

@Mikerockgod3 ain't talking about love — van halen

Tristan Lavelle


An assumption inferred by the fact that you stated this demo was the determining factor.


Tristan Lavelle

@The0ManJam Almost all of their guitars are wonderful. It's the kind of thing you have to play to appreciate, someone else's amp with someone else's settings and someone else playing does not even come close to playing it yourself, with your amp and your settings.

That aside, why would you be buying a guitar without playing one to start with? Sounds pretty stupid to me.


@Cyberbob182 Yes, but you would have to re-set the locking trem system to be parallel to the body after as the string tension would be different. Also worth going up a few gauges of string when de-tuning.


Dead on. That's actually what I'm saying really...most people who use these pups are the same people wanting that high gain tone. Without going too deep my amp has 3 distortion settings, low mid and high. 10 on low is like 1 on mid (I don't know why the hell they did it like that). I use low gain, with the knob at 7. Very little distortion. I flipped them around and put the 85 in the bridge and it sounds nothing like another EMG loaded guitar.

Kimmo Kylä-Laaso

Im here to listen to the guitar, not the wah... unprofessional

Joseph Stone

Lady's and germs... I present to you, the next Kirk Whammett.

Jens Hendriks

His van halen "skills" don't really work...

Jim Devlin

I have the purple burst one  for sale in Glasgow folks 

Ivan Null

Poor PRS :ccccccc that dude should stop playing and cut his fingers off


idk how u managed to make that torero sound like a cheap beginner lvl guitar

Collin Garcia

Way to butcher one of the greatest intros of all time...


They sound more and more similar the more you increase the distortion; there's only so far you can push it before all EMG's start sounding similar. The sweet spot exists in lowering the distortion and fiddling with the EQ.

Victor Pierrard

Hellfest wristband ! /,,/

This guitar seems great !


People need to learn a thing or 2 about guitars...EMG's are more consistant, that's true, but not in any way will it sound like another gutiar. I think this comes from the stereotype. Most people who get EMG's are trying to get that classic EMG tone with a high gain amp, hence why they bought the pickups/guitar. I have a guitar with EMG's and my tone isn't anywhere close to anyone else's...so either I unlocked a grand secret or this is an ignorant statement...

Robert Budila

does it have tuning issues?is it a good tremolo system?

Maverick Davidson

I own this guitar but in royal blue (I called her Skey). If anyone is undecided on if they like this guitar or not... Buy it. Holy fuck is this guitar amazing to play. I own two guitars that are double the value of this baby and one guitar that is worth triple BUT this guitar is still my most precious.