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Manny Singh

Can this soundcraft notepad 12FX connect to my desktop computer ?
Thanks 🙏

Kuhtuva Malli
You cannot be serious at 4.40 saying "listen how clear this microphone is". It sounds like you are playing it through speakers and recording that thru phone mics. So the demonstration tells absolutely nothing about the mic at hand. Same error happens with the mixer.You should record directly to computer and give viewers the possibility to listen same direct sound. That way they would get some surplus value out of your doing. Now you just waste yours and your audience's time.(other than that they immediately hear that the room is not suitable for any musical work...) Sorry about this rant.Absolutely… Read more »
Gem Webb

Very helpful with my Mixer. Didn’t know I could plug in my iPad or iPhone. Now I gotta figure out how to use the USB terminal to send to iMac. Any advice?