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YourGamesGuide Official

Hey... Can you tell me what guitar should I choose? From

1) Ibanez rg421ex
2) Cort x300

My guitar teacher told me that x300's pickups are vintage pickups and I should go for Ibanez instead. But this guitar was launched last year only and I think it's latest. Though Floyd Rose is not easy to maintain but I guess I can manage. Help

Anjan Das

how to set up and maintain Floyd rose guitar,,,please make a lesson🙏,,i mean how can i change the strings and setup the action


Make a video on how to restring x300...no video on changing strings on x300...

ELECTRONICS Hobbyist /Mushthaq Ahamed

can you help me

ELECTRONICS Hobbyist /Mushthaq Ahamed

can you make brginners guide video for india