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Bought same color on sale, never looked back! Plays great.

Roger Bates

I bought one today. The blue. You are a great player

I can only agree with that ! "Uncle Ralph •I pre-ordered mine after seeing Bohlinger's First Look on the Premier Guitar site. It sounded great through his little living room amp and he said it was completely playable right out of the box. Well, somebody probably tweaked his fairly extensively before they shipped it, like the ones at the NAMM booth.Mine had unplayable strings that felt like they had congealed industrial waste on them or something. Had to change those before I could even try it.The action was way high and the intonation was way sharp on mine. I found… Read more »
Riccardo B.

It was this video, almost three months ago that compelled me to order this awesome guitar. Up until now i'm still waiting and waiting and noticing the music store is pushing delivery further and further in the future. Its worth the wait, but im getting impatient 🙂


That's Pretty and Beautiful color. Is thatTurquoise? or Pacific Blue?

Dr. Gonzo Goes Berserk

Ever since I found out about these little buggers, I've kinda wanted one. In my opinion, this looks like a 60s Silvertone guitar; something about the color choices and the pick guard just scream "Silvertone"/ "Danelectro," especially the black one. If I had one, I would make this a little project: replace the bridge, tuners, and pots. If the pickups sound good for my style of playing I'd keep those, otherwise I may replace them with some lipstick pickups to complete the Silvertone look.

Drew Shelly

Oh this is a beauty , i'm just about to order one , thanks for this vid 🙂

Drew Shelly

For this price . i'm gonna buy a WHOLE lot of these to mod...i love my turquoise one , which i've done a few mods to...apart from that i LOVE IT 🙂

Jack Towers

I got this for my niece as a first guitar, all I did was spruce it up with a proper set up and replaced the tuners and it one of the coolest instruments I've seen

Jayden Wybenga

I love the looks of these over most 3k Gibbys lol


This guy looks like the rockstar version of Johnny Knoxville😂😂😂


I think that is pretty clear it's a very good guitar AS IS. Epiphone designed it this way for a reason, and it's not just price. It's meant to sound this way, and that good enough.

jimmy ernst

what is the best string gage for this guitar? I heard anything over 9 will dig into the lowgrade metal on the bridge.

Grey Wolf

Just bought this bad boy for $40...Tuned it to open G and was blown away. Can’t beat the classic slide tone for this cheap.


Should i buy it ? i have a Squire California and it is very satisfying sound and in hand. warm full tones. great first guitar. i m a beginner. but you know. An electric guitar player cannot live with only one guitar. now i looking for a non-expensive but not crappy guitar that delivers the typical warm Les Paul sound. this is a Les Paul Epiphone. cheap . but would it be good For me??? or shall i look more fourth. here the price is right and its an Epiphone from Gibson.

Rahadimas Samiaji

It sound like a freaking Telecaster 😑... The only "Les Paul" element were just the appearance

Jason Darden

If John posted a three hour reveiw of an inoperable thirty year old lawnmower plugged into a Chik Fil A drive through speaker, I'd watch the entire video.

Ben Logan

I want one too! Nice review! I’ve got an old first act and the fret work and neck are great. Same deal as the SL it sounds like? 1st act had the cheaper pots and tuners but not sharp edges and stayed in tune just fine. Hopefully not hit or miss quality wise, like The a Supro I just got with finger prints under the clear coat. But still playability was fine.


When the heck did TIMOTHY OLYPHANT start demoing guitars for Premier Guitar??! What's going on?!?

Joshua Lessore

When the camera zoomed out and showed John Bollinger I was shocked. All I could think was the guy who does the rig rundowns is better then some of the people he interviews! He certainly kept that quiet!


man, this sounds good, stock. i was contemplating on installing a hot rail if ever i get this. but after watching this, i am now confused lol