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The Ace Of Chef

Hei! I would like to ask you something about the balance of the guitar.
I bought a Schecter V-1 Platinum and I had to return it to the store because of the Heavy Neck that give an extremely Neck Dive (for me was really uncomfortable).
Do you have the same with this Axe (😉😉😉) that you got??
Thanks a lot in advance!
Keep rock out!!!


Got the Floyd Rose version and love it. Pickups sound great to me. Only sort of complaint is the pick up switch is in a weird place with the Floyd whammy to get to on the fly to switch but once you get used to that you can get around it. And I can’t figure out how to get the locking Ibanez strap I have to lie flat across my back! Great quality though and it looks as awesome as it sounds!

JayJKay HouseOfHarley's


Gonzo the Guitar Guy

I absolutely love the RED color. Coil split is a cool “accessory “ but not a must have. How many fiddles do you have now ,100? Lol , ROCK ON SHANE

Chris Franklyn

I've never got my hands on a Schecter before, that looks and sounds great. Black binding! I'm not sure I've see that before, I don't normally like the contrast of white binding on a guitar — but that looks class.


Beautiful guitar my brother!! sounds killer man... Love it 🙂

AJ Nemesis

Sweet mann!! Looks and sounds killer bro!! I really like the punchieness with the low end, reminds me of the Het-Set pickups. Awesome axe!! 👊😎🤘

Nathan Madden Music

Love Schecter, They are true quality


Great video man🤘that guitar is awesome it sounds so good

Edgar guadarrama

Beautiful guitar schecter power rock play guitar greetings bro!!!🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎸🎸🎸