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eddie vanhalen

im so depressed I had one of these and pawned it good buy cruel world!!!!!

Mark E

Nice video, I wouldn't normally get a white Guitar but yours looks good 👍 I've got a black cherry one coming. The guitar sounded really good 😎👍


i buyed me one of these today those are fucking amazing sounds just brutal raw and great.


A lot of avenged sevenfold. I picked the right video

Isaac Rodriguez

Happy to see somebody threw in some Rush riffs!

Robert Knight

"I refuse to not have a floyd" "I refuse to change strings" this guy must be fun at parties haha


Very good video! Your review was a pleasure to watch. Keep up the good work.


I see Schecter changed his logo in actual hellraiser guitars.

Phillip Clark

When it comes to making sure your tone isn’t muddy when tuning down, the best thing to do is look for a new set of pickups so you can play in lower tunings. I have the Seymour Duncan Nazgül and Sentient set for my seven string Jackson and notes ring out so clearly for me.

Roger Brown

Luv having the EMGs instead of seymour duncans! Wish i had the floyd rose! Shecter guitars! Quality! When you first play one your gonna be hooked! Luv this guitar! Beautiful!


Nice useful vid. I'm thinking of picking up a red or purple one, but also considering the new SLS models. Need to get my hands on them to see how they compare. Nit-pick: for the clean tones where you said "bridge pickup" I believe you had it set to the neck pickup.


I have the dark cherry C7. I think I need one in every color. I think I just need to own every Schecter out there though. I used to play Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, and Esp. I haven't really since I picked up my Schecter S-1 from some random pawn shop on the road for 100 bucks. These guitars just feel right to me.

blue dog

shut the fuck up and play you babble too much 🙄


Nice video bruh, Synyster is your friend !

Antz Guitar And Gear Reviews

i just bought the same guitar second hand in red, thanks for the review.

Guitar Boy Advance

One of my wishlist guitar ! Looks good !
Digitech Drop tune is great pedal !

living Off Grid McGarvey style

Nothing like a new guitar... someone was sooooooo excited... some new shredding now... enjoy...!!

Dacian Grada

I found myself liking white/lighter color guitars more (that's why my 8 string is white with a maple fretboard LOL), love this one too! looks and sounds amazing.

Vincent Rohmann

I bought a hellraiser absolutely love it.

Adam Richards

Hey bro. Do you like the guitar bro. Buy another one bro. Haha. Good vid and great guitar. Hope it's still going well for you.

Big Nutz

Bruh you played Afterlife first and I was like okay wow wasn't expecting him to jump into A7X that's sick, then Critical Acclaim I was like okay okay he's into self-titled that's what I'm talking about. THEN I heard Exist and that was it, got me liking the video, got me tryna like it twice n shit, no more favorite button so I can't do that but I can leave a nice comment. Good shit.

Mike Grossman

Friendly note, you have your pickups mixed up... You state that you are playing your bridge pickup, when you are playing your neck pickup... other than that, great video! I've had this guitar for years, and I still love it. GO. AVS!!!

Isaac Fuentes

Ah I really want the purple design. It’s very eye appealing

spartan_ Xbox

I was so possed when he stopped buried alive right there lol

guns and guitars

very eye-catching. I bought a blackjack flat black with a sustainer it seemed to be my go-to guitar !
good chops my friend,
deep like a Gibson fast like a fender Best of Both Worlds~Schrecter rocks☆


Power Windows is so underrated, good on you for including Mystic Rhythms

Neil St

I recommend on the hellraiser to use 9 to 46 hybrids. 10s seem too tense.


Damn, I chose some Ibanez RG2582926296292639172894739162583637392DP36926282939 (just exaggerating the name cause Ibanez has the worst guitar names) over this, but now I just regret it cause I've had problems with that Ibanez within a few months of having it... I still really want to get this guitar in white.


I have a similar model but older and in black gloss and it's the best sounding guitar I own and is ridiculously playable for the price. The floyd rose is kind of a nightmare to deal with but I ask for it by being a floyd rose n00b

Jordan Blahnik

Great job for your first review... Thanks... Gotta get me one !!

Dylan Gruenloh

Not a fan of the drop pedal. Makes everything sound really digital. I'd just get it professionally set up to drop c or b and and get thick strings. Keeps mud off your tone. Even slightly muddy tone in my opinion is much better than using the pedal.

Synister er

The pedal doesn’t work right I have one


I got the exact guitar but the C7 version. I like watching this vid because it makes me feel good about my guitar...