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does this guitar have a bit of a quack like the strats do


You said you bought the guitar for some mod project. Looking forward to see what that is!


Hey it's a Jazzmaster... where's the jazz??..haha. I'm not a "bargain guitar" snob. I have a few of the Bullet and Squier models myself. Looks like you got a nice deal there. I prefer single coils myself but judging by the wall behind you, you're in humbucker heaven, and all those cool licks at the end might be why m/ Wooooo... lol. Seriously though...nice playing. Now I'm going to watch part 3...

Juan Gutierrez

im looking at the squire contemporary active jazzmaster HH and stumbled across your video. Damn this is cheaper and you make it sound amazing.


I've had the black one for a year and a half now. My pickups don't seem as bright, but I'm using it as a drop C beater. They are surprisingly good for anything I've gotten this cheap. Went to switch them out for some G&B LTD pickups, but the guard has rounded corners. If you buy this guitar to "Jim Root" it with EMG or any other covered pickup, you'll need to order a pickguard from GFS. Only complaint is they shoulda went with the large headstock for a Jazz.

mike jones
Tone reminds me of when I had a Mexican HSS strat, still too much i think honestly for a no frills budget guitar it comes in at 269.99 here in Canada at Best Buy where I saw it. Thats $300 with taxes. If it was $200 i would have just bought it on impulse, but the budget guitar makers have upped their game a Harley Benton can be had for like 400 with stainless steel frets and all the fine little details, and their $200 guitars offer way more, i guess your still paying for the name, or body shape… Read more »

I cant decide whether to get this jazz master affinity or get the jazzmaster contemporary. I play in a rock/grunge band but I also like to play metal in my spare time, both look and sound amazing however this one is almost half the price of the contemporary. So I'm torn between which guitar to buy :/

Jay G

I came here because I bought a squier affinity HH and was wondering if i should get Seymour's, but upon looking at this video i think i should wait till it arrives and see how the pups sound before i change them.

George Fotiou

Number one mod for this guitar is to change the gauge of the strings. The guitar comes with 9 gauge string setup. The 10ers are a must for this guitar, they offer tuning stability and sound clarity. Intonation might be required. My opinion always. Nice video, thanks.

Eric Burney

Beautiful playing and great review, Lucas! I have a PRS SE Custom 24 that's awesome, but I've always been intrigued by Jazzmasters. Love the classic look and tone. Hard to believe that's only a $200 guitar.

Christopher Caratzas
I enjoyed this video very much and the few others I've watched as well. You provide a lot of useful information and don't cheat the viewer as regards the sound of the instruments in question. I have one nit to pick, however. You mentioned that the traditional Jazzmaster controls/switches are "too much " for you. Not sure exactly what you mean there. If you mean to say they're too complicated, fair enough. But your video on the P-rails delved into the umpteen combinations of sounds, e.g., P90 bridge + humbucker neck, etc. That to me made my head swim with… Read more »
oxcerion el pocoyo con swag

in Argentina that guitar costs 400 dollars. im argentinian

Hynek Ibr

Great video!!! Its ok for dropC tuning? Another bridge pickups? Thanks