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Gregory Beavins

This is my guitar. Lefty sunburst affinity. GULP...

Gregory Beavins

If any of you would desire to learn what this guitar is all about, just go to the Fender website.


I love this guitar it gives me all those classic nirvana tones on the bridge pickup

Roger Letsom

I have a Squier  Affinity Strat.  It's a great guitar that sounds great and is easy to play.And I really dig these Blues!


Whoa, hey!! He plays left handed!!

Timothy Fries

Fuck finally, being a lefty is so hard I looked for a Gibson EDS-1275 not only are those hard to fing but left handed? pff forget about it

kenneth saez

You can find these all day used for $100. Great value!!!

Deathvoid Entropic Suplex Firefist Twerk Team

Can i play some metal music on this guitar?


That one actually has good wood grain. I couldn't see any wood grain in my lefty affinity strat


For the money you can't complain I got mine back in 2001 still got it remarkable how true the neck stays never had any case either. I've dropped in on its headstock nothing kills it . Still want a USA though

A bowl of Miso soup

I just found one made in 1997 for 30€ ! hahaha
the guitar got beaten up good but I love it!
plus it's exactly the color combination I wanted (tobacco burst with a single ply cream pickguard yellowed by the time)

Robert Schmitt

A great amp will make any guitar sound good. This sounds close enough to the super expensive Strats for my taste. Maybe even better---really chimes. (whatever that means!)

Gregory Beavins

I use fender super bullet guitar strings on my squire.

David Atherley

What a about the monster limited edition , I bought one last nigh for $70 did I do ok and is this a great guitar , and how many did they make ? Plz let me know

Ben Asslick

I don't understand why people hate on these Strats they always say the necks and bodies are too thin but then they buy Jackson's or whatever cause they want a thin neck and guitar to shred with. Makes no sense. I have a Affinity and I heavily modded it with a Duncan Invader, big Fender mass Tremolo block, brass nut etc and I love it.

My Fingerboard

Great playing and sound. I'm digging this guitar. Cheers.


love the riffs in this demo especially at the beginning.


Great sound for the money. If i wanted the Edge Strat,i'd throw the pick ups he uses on this axe