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Mike Rider

One day Korean manfacturers are going to be as good as Gibson. Maybe they already are. I have an Av3 that costs about 1/3 the price of an Epiphone and plays as good.


He seems to be a great, knowledgeable guy and his guitars play and sound really well for being middle price range guitars!

Michael Rozett

awesome interview

love that guitar proff...


why do I feel like I'm watching a used car salesman holding a guitar???


Funnily enough, this guy says that reversing the grains when glueing wood parts is some kind of revolutionary thing. Afaik, it's a common practice when glueing wood to avoid warping... anyway, a pretty nice interview, good to see lots of enthusiasm from the company faces. Even if it sounds like a lot of PR BS...


Well... I go to say that the second guitar sounded good.


Its Ashley Shaffer from Ashley Shaffer BMW... Where's Kenny Powers?


i hate glinting SG's they seem cheap and not original. i never would buy a SG that isn't by gibson

Brody Tartakian

This guy knows his stuff. I learned quite a bit. He also has the passion. I am going to give these guys a good look on my next guitar purchase.


Interesting second guitar. Had a couple of Samicks (Avion and Torino) and they rocks!


But, the guitar is UGLY... I'm an SG guy and this is no where near the quality or appearance of either of my SG Standards.

Mister Tee

Greg Bennett is a good looking man. He makes me wonder if I should play ball for the other team

Dan Losgar

This guy is so professional and knowledgeable...I've owned several and they're true workhorses, love 'em! The TR33 is hard to find.


@TheMatdengkil — I agree. Many Korean guitars are very well made. I especially like Reverend Guitars.

Kristen Taylor

sweet new guitars! especially the second one! the inlay is sick too. Great job as always Greg bringing us an affordable guitar that looks sounds and plays amazing!


i got a samick guitar and the tuners frickin suck, its the telecaster model


Did anybody know how small that guitar players lips were at the beginning!

George Cast

Nice guitar but I much prefer block inlays.

Frans van den Berge

I'm amazed by this demostration. Everything the salesman told us about what has been improved in the tone of both Torino guitars comes back in the sound demonstration. Great review Premier guitar... This is the guitar (for me) to have...


Does it have points on the upper side of the neck to mark the frets? I would have eliminated the double wave patterned on the neck and put instead the typical points or trapezoid marks.

Alex Hollins

Why not have the tuners in a totally straight string pull position?


I do like the headstock design on these Torinos, but they don't appear to make leftys.

Alex Parer

I don't own any Greg Bennett guitars but I've only ever been impressed by them- apparently cheap but good quality. Hat off to the man 🎩

Norlin Kalamazoo

Gregg. Seems like your biggest design obstacle is making sure your guitars don't attract copyright lawsuits. Did you make up all that nonsense about designing the 17 degree headstock (A Gibson design feature) and the method of gluing the 3 piece neck a (common woodworking practice) on the fly because your crib notes were lost or written in Korean?