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Jerry W

I prefer a painted back, but I really like the guitar. would you buy this or a Epiphone les paul standard?

Caoimhe Rafferty

Is there much of a difference in quality in these to the g5435?

Wyatt's dad

I own 4 electromatics and I really love them. So I'm familiar with this level of gretsch. I think gretsch should offer this guitar with the thumbnail inlays. The blocks are cool but this gretsch with the thumbnails would be efing unstoppable. Love new backs!

Wyatt's dad

Hey here's a sales pitch for competing with epiphone...
Go with an honest guitar manufacturer, Gretsch pays their bills.

Wyatt's dad

Damn it, I just bought a pro jet. I didn't l Know these existed. I would've bought one of these instead. Would I buy one of these over an epiphone LP? You bet ur ass I would.
I'm a little weirded out about the walnut fretboard tho. Only because I've never heard of a fretboard being walnut.
But god damn I really want one of these.

Thomas Russell

P.S. The wood back and neck look awesome too!

Thomas Russell

Awesome guitar. Would love to see these sold at brick and mortar in my area Greensboro, N.C. but the online resources seem to have eaten up all the stock...

Cal Holden

Just bought one yesterday with a whammy bar. It's red and it's fricken sexy


Are those pickups similar to the BroadTrons in the streamliner series or are they any different?

Dan Harris

Ordered mine today! I picked the Dark Cherry. Looks incredible in this video.

nicen nice

Got mine today. In metallic dark cherry. Some setup tweaks to get rid of string buzz and bridge rattle. Pickups are fantastic and it’s really lovely smooth guitar to play. £432 its an absolutely bargain.


Love the look of these. Coloured top/natural back wins every time. The Casino Gold reminds me of the 56 Goldtop which has always been a favourite of mine. Are they the same pickups which Gretsch have in their Streamliner range?  Great demo BTW.

Jeff Fassett

Thanks for the review! Mine in dark cherry should arrive Tuesday, been a long wait!

Stuart Herbert

Love the natural backs on these. Very curious to hear them through an amp I’m more familiar with.

Sophie Penikett

Love how you have the playing time in the description. Also loving how you’re having new people playing. Amazing work!! Thoroughly enjoyed the video.😀

frank deitsch

Got mine Friday in burgundy was between this one and a Epiphone Les Paul Standard glad I went with this guitar the Broad Trons are killer, and the guitar plays and sounds great. ✌

The Ganjapreneur

The Grestch G5220 is a killer guitar for the money!! Excelent playability! Personally, I'm gonna upgrade the electronics, (CTS and PIO caps) bridge pickup, and put locking tuners on it. Not really that it's needed on this one... it's just what I do to my guitars. 🙂

eduardo mason

hey, pal! you are a very cool young guy... i could not help to feel disgusted watching your completely tatooed hand... they will hate me here...

Bobby G

Will a standard Humbucker fit those guitars ?

Psycho Carlos

One eye in the guitar, the other one in the organ behind

Craig Browning

What kind of Organ is that in the background?

john k.

I got the G6228FM Bt players edition in dark cherry stain. It's got the Mahogany body, flame maple top, ebony fingerboard & the BT65 Brod'tron hum-buckers. It retails 2K more (not what i paid) but you can hear & feel the difference. These G5220 are quite nice though & a bargain for the price.

I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic and bought one of these to get Gretsch type sounds. It didn't give me traditional Gretsch tones BUT it gave me better sounds than my Les Paul Classic by a factor of 10. This was basically what I always wanted my Les Paul to sound like... It just flat out plays and sounds better. Everything that I like about the Gibson but more definition whether clean or dirty and an overall more "musical" sound. These new pickups are outstanding. Love the traditional look of the colored top, natural back and neck. The tuners… Read more »

Great demo/review, straightforward with enough 'bla' and excellent playing...seeing as I'm lining up a Supro Keeley and in need of a hard-tail and varied tone from my JB Artist Strat' workhorse, this is the ticket!!


Definitely need the casino gold version.

Eli Merquita

hope you did a comparison of tones and what the rest of the knobs do. cheers!


Got mine used, a Cherry metallic for $269. I've had it two months now and I can't understand why anyone would ever spend 5 times as much for a Les Paul. I love the look of the mohagany back. Can't imagine ever going back to Gibson. I do like the twang of my Teles and the sound of my Strat so I rotate between thses guitars as all of them are great.

No fear or doubt

Brian May sound guitar??? I can get one for $300.   $$$??????

mark hughes

would like to know when switching on the pick up selector