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John Doe

Picked this up as a gig axe, didn't wanna risk my more expensive PRS's, solid performer, well balanced. This Guitar is no brainer at this price point.


I found my next guitar and hopefully my last

Souvik Mitra

what is the difference between custom 24 and standard?

Mattia Galeone

About to buy this. I can't find so much difference between the standard and the custom but the maple top. At a lesser cost I'd buy a standard and maybe put some upgrades.

Mercyful Media

I just bought one of these because of this video... vintage cherry as well. Loving it !

E 692003

I will NEVER buy a prs that was not made in the United States.

hafiz marzuki

What's the material used for the binding of the neck? Wood? Plastic? Or something else?


I just received my New PRS Custom SE Guitar and I am really dissapointed, It just arrived and I couldn't keep it in tune, I changed the strings and it certainly helped but not What I was expecting, but The bridge just won't work, Everytime I try to use The trem bar it is just a mess, and goes out of tune in a second


I play jazz what guitar should I get? I don’t like rock or metal or anything else. I don’t have an amp also so I can’t test electronics. I just need it to play when I get bored but don’t want a lemon. Any suggestions??

- DannyCaot -

Yesterday I played one of these in a music store and I fell in love with its sound, I need that guitar, is beautiful and comfortable to play!


It feels not like the older PRS SEs. It feels better and more expensive. A very good guitar. But the overdriven sound in this video is pretty rubbish.

Mercyful Media

Does anybody remember what kind of pickups were on the 2016 model ?

Arctic Frost

Can you compare this to the mark
Holcomb se model? I want something with a tremolo

insomnium anathema

I just love those things, i bought this exact guitar already, now plz s.o tell me is it crazy to go buy the 245 se tobacco sunburst? Should we own both guitars?

John Holmes

Can someone please tell me how many pieces of mahogany the body is made from?


I'm gonna be saving up for this for sure
thank you PRS

Pablo Pantoja

Bought 1 yesterday can’t wait for it to get here


What's the difference between a Standard 24 and a Custom 24?

John Ong

Are you guys still producing this standard series?

socksare Harder

Can anyone tell me how long do the prs se frets last? Cuz i shave off nickel like butter, 4 to 5 hours of very bendy play everyday.

Pure Awesomeness

should I get this or the ibanez RG370ahm

Pedro Silva

Guys please. I have no money... but one does not simply have too many guitars. Oh god. I have to buy that

Monte Rushmore

Love this guitar (HATE that lousy distortion though). I wish PRS would add 2 more color options: see through orange and see through plum. Guess I will take mine in red.

SoundFlix Series

I own exactly this model and color. Just awesome!

michael majewski

even the base model prs poops on the competition

True World

The sound that comes through the speakers on whatever media you are listening to this on is always going go be different to what it sounds like from where he's demoing from.so you need to test the guitars out yourself.Especially when the overdrive is demonstrated is sounds like shit.The only problem I have with 24 fret guitars is that there's not enough difference between the bridge and neck in sound terms because the pickups are closer together.The 22 fret guitars have the pickups farther apart so you get that bassier sound on the neck.

Michael Angelo

I have one I bought in 1990 and it is original in 98% condition . Through my Fender Twin it’s a sound to be reckoned with . 👍🏻🇺🇸