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Do you think the Vault LP1-E is good quality

Aniket Kumar Roy

I think the Vault has a more bright sound than the cort...

vanshika bansal

Sir dono me se konsa achha h quality,durability,and sound wise??

Rajguitarist Official

SA105CE fender elctro guitar...how is this ror live show and performance ? its good or not ? suggest me?

Dipam Dx

Sir plz make a comparison between vault and squire telecaster... please

DivVi's Facts

Sir pls ap guitar lessons Hindi me start kariye na aur acchese detail me jnkari dijiye bahut sare youtubers thik se nhi batate he?pls

Pragyesh Sharma

Plz Make a video for best processor under 25k

Unni Krishnan

Can you please upload a vedio on choosing right amp for electric guitar

Norla Lama

please do a comparison on fender bullet strat and vaukt rg1rw cause Iam confused which to buy as my first electric guitar

rushabh kamle

Cort cr 100 vs Epiphone special 2 b kro

Calvin taste of pure music

If you are a beginner than you can start with this guitar.vault.lP1 cost less but gives you a high end feature guitar at this low price but pickup are not good. Cort cr100 cost little more but gives you a better pickup. in my chose cort is better. Guitar looks doesn't matter but matter is the sound an playability.

Divyansh Mishra

Around 7:30 what effect have you used in your amplifier while playing

sravan kumar

Plz do review on cort cr50 and yamaha pacifica 012


Also make a comparison video on Cort CR100 , LTD EC-10 , Vault LP-1


Cort is an international level brand, that other brand doesn't.

Akash D prince

Please make a review video of Ibanez GRX70QA Electric Guitar

aSr musik

Hi Bro how does vault lp sound with audio interface. is it good for music production. how much is the self noise

Anand keerthan

How does this vault have trapezoidal inlays? The ones being sold doesn't!

Panchadeep Mazumder

Vault is better to play in strums?

Abhinav Singh

CR100 Pickups are way better than Vault LP1. Whats the point of a set neck if pick ups are mediocre. Looks like Vault using cheap hardware while giving premium looks at cheaper price.

Rishi Wayne

Common man next time play some slayer riffs while sound check!