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Eski Kafa

I dont know who designed that headstock but it looks like shit

Mr Obscure Universe

It's bad enough that movies and TV have shaky cam / jump cuts / jerky shots — — — ARGH — — — a whole video?


i like Vox... but this guitar? ummmm... naaaah.

Yves Bde

I can´t figure out for what reason or style of music someone should buy this "guitar"...?

Sorry Vox, but what are you doing?the video states "with reverb" and "with distortion", yet the FX light, which lights up RED is off the whole time. So how I am supposed to believe that what I am seeing is what I am hearing. Please make videos that are believable. Anyone who has spent a little bit of time with this guitar can clearly see that the distortion and the reverb is coming from somewhere else. The Starstream can do some cool things and the built in distortion actually works when you put it into an AC30, so why not… Read more »

This is the go-to guitar if you ever have to recreate the legendary soundtrack from Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu."

Kon TumMaDa

Body and Neck are looking good...but Head ??? look so freaking ugly


Hmmmmmm ............. hear what I'm saying.


This man has some seriously nice chops!

Ewen Jaff

Les rageux vont rager c'est la meilleure guitare Kappa ( 2nd degré)

Doug Clark

Is this a demo of the guitar, or of that frenetic backing track? Any differences in the guitar settings are pretty much indistinguishable under all that noise.
Sounds like street repairs.

Sarah Freeman

The "synth" sound seems to be pretty much a straight envelope filter with some fizz. Cool but pretty limited.

Chris The Guitar Guy

I really wanted to like this guitar until I heard the 'synth', which sounds like a frog taking a shit. It could have been cool, but that sound is stupid!

joshy h

It would be a much better video and I could actually get an idea of what the thing sounds like if he wasn't playing a recreation of an early 90s video game soundtrack. No idea what the guitar sounds like but the music is terrible

Aman Michael

I don't find this product value for money

The Spaniel Inquisition

Think its fair to say opinions are divided on this one