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what's the fret wire, didn't see a spec on their site

KILLER video and I loved all of side panel with the specs as well as the close up pics along the border. I you did this awesome, if this was one that Robert Baker did for you as far as all of the edits and applause, flashing lights then tell him that was GREAT. It is a really nice guitar and I'm not really a Washburn fan by my own personal reasons but I'm assuming that they are not the same company they were back when they were resurrected back in the very late 70's. As they are partnered or… Read more »
Dave Lovallo.

Hey TK — how does the 'heel' feel in the back? Seems less bulky than LP would be?

Brad Meyers

I'm unable to find this exact model any place other than sweetwater? Is the 20b exclusive to them? The only comparable versions I am finding are the models with the EMG 81/85 or Duncan Design pickups all with a standard bridge? Zzounds has all models except the 20B.

Charles greene

That is a beautiful guitar. I wish it was mine,... LOL !

Charles greene

Bye the way ,... awesome demo as well. Thanks TK!

Alex Hollins

The Les Paul was flawed and dated from the off. I'm a Fender fan who prefers the longer scale. If I were to get a LP style guitar this is where I'd be looking. Straight through strings, a modern quality bridge and sensible electronics. Nice clip.

Greg Walker

Tone King... I need more warm crunch examples... you are getting a little heavy on the distortion when you turn it up.

Creative Studio

I have a Parallaxe PXS20FR with the black burst finish...I got it because it seemed like a good deal but, had a Floyd Rose Tremelo...When I got it I was impressed with it but, the one thing I love is that the spacing of the frets are great for my larger, thicker fingers unlike the spacing on my Epiphone Les Paul which makes me feel like I'm going to get tangled up. How is the spacing of the frets on this guitar compared to a Epiphone Les Paul?

Stanley Williamson

one thing better than your room: that long sustaining note

that was so heavy with earphones on

i use a strat with stock pickups to play metal, blues, everything. i wish i could do that 😭

Artur Pater

excellent guitar in this price, nice review!

Adrian Sammy

Great review tone king ! Will eventually get one of these axes.


I'm the proud owner of that guitar, I am very happy with it, I play it daily 😛

Daniel Enochs

im getting this axe! mine is the trans flamed black though

Samuel Martin

I probably going to buy this guitar, I find it gorgeous, but why, why WHY. why isn't there two more frets on that fingerboard ?? That's the only thing that makes me hesitate. All their other single cuts have 24 frets but for any reason, this one hasn't. But the biding, the head shape and the inlays plus the Babicz bridge are going to have the last word I imagine.

Feisal K. Irfansyah

have you tried Schecter SOLO-II? if yes, whose lighter, this or SOLO-II?

Jim Ponder

Tone King, great demo! Could you tell us what amp you're playing through?

That Pedal Shmoe

I don't know why Washburn doesn't get more respect. That is an awesome guitar