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Del Stevenson

I mean do you love this guy or what?? So freakin' funny; Informative opinionated and ...comedy!

Everything Music And Guitar Shenanigans
I had always been a person to buy Washburn acoustics.for the price point of what they cost and the playability and sound I couldn't find any other guitar that has ever beat Washburn. I bought the Nuno Bettencourt signature model in the very late 90s I got one used for a good price. My first Washburn electric. It is absolutely amazing, I ended up scalloping the entire fingerboard (I learned how to play on a scalloped strat starting about 1985). Washburn makes incredible acoustics, but once I played one of their electrics I was hooked like a fish. They are… Read more »
Paul Von Tyrant

It is a nice looking axe. Cheap guitars need love too.

jimmy haze

people ask me what kind of music I play, I always tell'em ChuggRock

King George

one day bro ....... famous
buy better tuners

Darrell Mcdonald

Not a bad guitar series. They just spent too much capital on the Idol series during that period

James Wright

You really keep your videos interesting. Speaking of bluegrass, l think l saw a video once of Earl Scruggs playing one of these.

Strick nine

I purchased a brand new epiphone Les Paul Special with the wrap around stringing type bridge/tailpiece...They sell new for around $120.00 but I got mine on a holiday sale for $97.00 that included tax.
It comes with legitimate P90 pickups...I had it re fretted with stainless steel frets by a luthier for $200.00 total I replaced the tuners myself with a new Grover set for $55.00.
I have about $285.00 in the guitar.
It is tied with my favorite guitar of all 8 guitars that I own including 2 that are close to 3,000.00 guitars.

In other words, it is second to none !!

Strick nine

Another useful video and Alan is just fun in his videos.
That guitar needs pick ups and tuners...But if you're starting at $150.00 it doesn't matter because by all accounts you will end up with a guitar comparable in tone and playability to an $800.00 — $1,200.00 guitar with about $600.00 or possibly less in the guitar. And its unique !

Calvin Lee

Really ugly, but the tone isn't bad at all.

R Mc

You coated Jimmy Page! I'm outta here!
Yeah he was sloppy drunk, stoned, unrehearsed on most of the live performances I've seen recordings of but he was incomparable when he was on form so that rules out all his bad shit!
I also forgive his twatting about with the violin bow!

Park Kingery

Love your sense of humor, great video. When I get my new fuzz pedals built, I need to send you one.

Mike Carreca

Hello Alan, I have never owned a Washburn, but that is a great looking, and a fair sound for those pickups. Truthfully, I was not aware they made a pro series. Sounded good through the effects. You did not mention the action. Definitely needs tuners and pickups and a good set of ernie Ball or slinky strings. Pretty cool demo video today. Have a great one.

Motley Flush

I bought one years ago and it's awesome !