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Hey Crimson, apparently some guitars have four strings! #justsayin


Imagine...Gibson, What's on the bench?.. Err,,,this damaged neck...a few chips here and there,,this wonky binding etc... but send them out anyhow.


the CCG Pursuit, has prs in it, but a crimson custom guitars as the main abbreviation and as inspired by, thus in Pursuit of a particular style ...

Simon Larkin

What about "The Pristine" for prsish guitar?

Koen Verbeeck

An impression of a PRS meant to impress might be called " The impress"

Vincent Van Der Vaart

We absolutely need a demo from (student) Tom' s beautiful guitar


Hire Kit! Amazing designs and likable kid.
Not a enormous fan of Tom's origami guitar, but it turned out a lot better than I thought. In the new design, I think that "cutout corner" above the bridge (on that vertical line upwards in the design) could be very uncomfortable. Also, not cutting that out would make the design more symmetrical. Other than that, I really, really like that design. Looks awesome and definitely has character.


English being my third language, first time I heard PRS pronounced it sounded like "Pearse".

Tom Hogan

You have made a wooden doily for your guitar! Cool! Not!


I'm curious...I have never seen any of the students building through body necks . Have any of them made a through body neck for a bass guitar? Also Ben have you ever thought of building a bass guitar?

Bourbon _Sherbet

36:40 Drill out the knot and turn it into a vertical sound hole!!!

Justin Richards

What is the temperature there? It’s going to be 41 C tomorrow and 46 C by the end of the week here in Arizona lol

ray cochrane

The Onanist: because those who play PRS tend to be.

jeff weller

Go for the throat and call it the stevensville, or in a more tactful way name it after your town.

Lexi Delphi

You could name the PRS style kit after one of the birds used for the inlays.
Hawk, tern, hummingbird, falcon, owl, petrel, sparrow, kite

Jonathan Oakey

How about the "Prodigal" for the new model? Or "Prodigy", I suppose, although I was initially thinking of a prodigal son...and obviously the first two letters have some bearing too...

Jonathan Scott

PRS style looks like a Crimson Paris to me.

Nathan Thom

Persephone might sound too feminine but it does have PRS in it and also a pretty good myth associated with it.

David Imrie

Stratocopious ... = Synonym for strato various 🙂 lol

Gus Wilkens

I don't like how they're throwing shade at Kit, There's nothing wrong with the inlays dude

Russell Lahy

Not sure about the guitar, but your paint range should be Mix Master Badger


The sparrow to match with birds theme of the PRS?

Richard Keel

Name for the PRish kit — use Ben's initials (assuming he has a middle-name)

David Winokur

Your PRS inspired kit could be called the PRieSt guitar.


Could someone please tell Christopher to stop drinking so much of that sugary beverage!!!!

Tone Kravanja

It's hot in UK, it reached 25°C 😀 😀 😀


You could call it the QST. PRS skips the Q and uses the next two letters. So, just start it on the Q and skip the R, then use the ST. So, QST.

Jamison Ryun

Question... would you consider having this project scanned & a file made for a 3D printer??? you could sell the file and then we could have one to play or to just hang on the wall for the art that it is!!! PLEASE think this over <3

Kempton  Klutz

You need to realise what your use of Youtube has done for your business. How many people bought your guitars, tools, everything, because they saw this channel. But you want people to just send you money if they want to see 'The cool beans'? Just send you money? Some people deserve/need a helping hand with their dreams. Are you sure your'e one of them? You should close your Patreon.


Since the scale is between Fender and Gibson, you could call it "Pretty Reasonable Scale kit". Or just initials.

Mountain Man Music

This has became one of my top favorite shows! I agree w the guy down there that said Quest. Sounds cool

Jan Groosmuller

Nice Peter McKinnon imitation at the end 🙂

A Very Dead Horse

How much for Tom the student’s guitar? It’s crazy awesome


Forgive me, but I'm starting to think this might be a bridge too far.

Smeg Brains

My suggestion for the PRS type — Paragon — I think it has a ring to it.