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Pens Fan

It's really good I have it but it is good for beginners now i use mc 3000


Juju hill
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Sami Bermudez

Nos animan a utilizar SYNC, desde luego...

olly cook

do you have to have speakers or can you play it though the laptop?


hey bro i bought this package and when i finished downloading the software, why is it saying 30 minute demo? is it not the full version?? please help!

Kevin Thomas

Just starting out and I just ordered one.


i have a problem, everytime i try to load a song nothing happens, i click on the load a button, nothing... click on the load b button, same thing. please help.


Can you post a video of how to use the scratch effect (the vynils). Every time i try and use the vynils it moves the pitch.Also how to delete an old magic sampler

Kyle Cugnet-Huber

can you explain what settings you had it on ? ( when you click the gear, upper right hand corner). Thanks !

David Haya

hi I have no hat the DJUCED DEMO LOOPS folder.
Where can I get It?

Jack B

It wont let me preview anything. It just plays the main mix through my headphones. Any suggestions?

Dr. Drumsticks

This video was super helpfull ! Thank you Hercules xD (I'm Greek too lol XD)


Why does it play music from my laptop speakers and not from my stereo...? Are my cables plugged in correctly?


Hello Can I use the controlador Dj Control Instinct Hercules whit lapto 2 G Memory Ram

MS Fan Trailers

I need help with this. I just got it but every time I load in a track and play it, I never hear the song. The volume is up all they way and it says its playing. Is something mute or something? Its very frustrating.

Dead Inside

Uhm yeah i lost the head phone is that a problem ?!?

Rafael Chaves Quaresma


i am using a hercules dj control instinct with djuced 18 (this version is free for dj instinct) but i cant configure the pre-listen because when i try it it doesnt play on phone oly on my pc speakers. Can you help-me