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Hey!!!! Mi DJUCED 18 Dont have that interface!!! I cant configure my headphones and my Mixer!!!! What i can do!?!?!?!? Please aswer me by inbox... is urgent!!!

Tonmoy Ahmed

can i use this with virtual dj software?

EsaLe B3

what do you do when Djuced software is no recognizing the dj air control?

jhay ar moran


Just Jim

can't select soundcard either sucks great decks just sucky software

lennert fierens

do you have to connect speakers to the dj control?

Strike Clan

what? why is there no attack on dj control glow?

Lary Badila

Hello subscribe to my channel and I subscribe to yours so we mutually so that your jente see my video and my jente see your videos you think?


How can we save the job we made so when we close the djuced app and we back it up... The save items are still there (example: if i create a sample, how can i save it so when i restart djuced its still there?

Tommi Tapio

I have the latest version of this program and when I open the preferences, it doesn't look like this at all. Like 0:58 has that option here where you can choose the computers soundcard for master and the Hercules AIR for headphones. The new version doesn't have that! Now I have to use either headphones or the computer speakers and that makes mixing really sucky. Help?


Can I ask a question.  The djuced software does it come with full features when you get it with your controller.  I recently got a numark that came with virtual dj and had to pay a monthly fee or 300 dollars just to set the crossfader to scratch mode wher the music cut's in directly not fades in.  Does this software let you do that at least with out paying

Franklin Mendez

amigo le pido un favor si me pudiera ayudar e perdido el cd de instalacion y es este mismo controlador si me pudiera ayudar pasandome el instalador ,se lo agradeseria muchisimo

max rules

I have Djuced 40 a Hercules Unviversal Dj, and a Numark WM200 microphone.
How do I make it work?