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Pat Magada

To my english speaking subs: Kahit Kailan is talking about unconditional love for someone will never fade no matter the time, place, and things that life throws at you. Although things get rocky sometimes, those feelings never change for that person. ✌

Raden Jelickle Cayetano

Kuyaaa this is so much appreciated 😭 anyway its Nicole 😂 I miss you kuya 💕 than you for this wonderful song we love it so much 💕

Gina Capilos Abaya

Ang galing galing m0 talga ...habang tumatagal nagiging fluent ka na sa tagal0g s0ng na yan!!!keep it up...we miss y0u!!!


woi ayos to ah

can relate heavily to the song, nice work

Natalie Davidson

This is a great song and u are a amazing singer 😊

paolo magada

😍😍😍 best cover tsong,. .keep it up,. .☺😊😀😁😄😃😆