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Nico Canet

hi everyone, if you could help me... when I'm routing some mono and stereo channels to a pair of groups, to achieve a stereo mix, how do you set up the pan pots, and the switch "pan to group"? Do you keep it flat from the daw? I guess you pan hard left & right the 2 groups, but not sure about the rest. thank you

Keith Szilagyi

I've been looking at this desk for a few months. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Calvin Brumant

Can the mixer be used in a recording studio setting? I keep hearing that this mixer is designed as a live mixer rather than a studio mixer.

Calvin Brumant

Do you mind doing a video on how you actually got the mixer set up in your studio? This would help me to understand the way this mixer would be set up in a recording studio vs a live setting. Thanks so much...

Calvin Brumant

How many mix busses does the console have? 

Hijo de Dios Jesus

Hay algún tutorial en spanish. !!!!!!!?????

Leo Molini

I'm music producer and I like so much mixing outbox...

I'm looking for samples of this console. I wanna hear its conversion, tone/color, depth and more...

Could you show me some jobs made in this console?

thanks a lot

Kris Jeneson

Hi Dylan — good vid ! do you work with specifics styles of music , do you also have a web site where I can hear your mix es with this desk

David Graham

Hi Dylan — can you use the firewire for inserts (Waves MultiRack) and also record directly to your DAW?

Rick Salt

Got one of these for a live music venue , ridiculous price / performance value .
The EQ is the best I've used on the many consoles I've used in the past 34 years .
The mic pre's are fantastic .

Uptown Wedding Photography NJ

Nice detailed video...Question: Can One use the aux 1 and 2 for a monitor mix
while multi-track recording in a studio? Example: You have a guitar
you're tracking say from channel strip 5...and you want the aux 1 & 2
from channel 5 to be the monitor of what's on tape (including the guitar already laid down)... Will when you punch
in on track 5 on the recorder, the feed switch from what's recorded on tape (or
DAW) to the live performance being recorded...Thanks...(again nice video)


per gunnar Merakerli

you think this will work will with SONAR Platinum? do I need a specific Firewire card ?you think this is a better choise than the mackie onyx 1640i ? ( I plan to buy the 24 vhannel version of midas)


does this use drivers? do you run the risk of incompatibility iwith computers n the future?

Sil Starchild

[Sebastian Mathews] Well, why not patch your monitors to the local monitor outs? then you have a pot for the control room. hmmm, did not do your homework 🙂

henrique matias

Thanks a lot for the video! Quick question, why do you need to SOLO master before using the local monitors pot? This is one of the tricks i will need to figure out and still not clear for me! Again, thanks a lot!