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Do be aware that the USB is stereo and not capable of multi-track recording. Second recently I used the Q1204USB and found that using a line out to the computer (foregoing the USB) improves audio quality when streaming. The mute is NOT a true mute. It is a combination of mute and ALT 3|4 switch. So while you may think you are muted your mics can still pick up a signal. It won't kill the entire signal. Bringing the faders down on the tracks will. This is a sad limitation of the 1204 series of mixers.

Can you use a USB mic with a non USB mixing board?


How do the levels you set on the mixer compare with (a) the levels you set on your recorder and (b) the levels you set in DAW post-processing?

If you set your mic levels @ -12 dB, do you also set the meter on your recording device @ -12 dB? And do you use compressor/limiter in post-processing (Audacity/Audition) also to run @ -12 dB before you export it to an MP3 file?

Part of the reason I ask is that I want my podcast roughly to be at the average sound levels of most other podcasts out there.


Do you record from X1204USB directly into computer — Adobe Audition via USB AND the digital audio recorder (e.g. Zoom H4n) via XLR jacks?

Corbin Midgley

Why do you not use the Level Set and Solo buttons for setting gain?

John Wilkerson

Thanks for sharing your setup, Michael.