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Robi Ray

Excellent intro ! I just bought one, looking forward to having a good time.

Roberto Jr. Boceron

I've got one here...thanks for the review sir!

Jorge U

Great review... Where is the link for the sound card?

Jorge U

I would love to see a tutorial on adding the sound card...

Gregor Kopp

Thank you for your overview! It's very helpfull to get started 😉


Thank you, ordered one today looking forward to using it!

Robert Karimi

Thank you. Dj2go2 vs control compact. Thoughts?

Danielle Hall

Can you please tell me the name of the external sound card you found on Amazon. I could not hear this clearly on the video.

Prabhath MP

Honestly, this has been one of the best product reviews! Better than Hercules themselves... 👌🏻😊 Cheers from Bangalore, India 🍻


20 minutes in you can hear the first scratching.

Janfranz Regalado

Very comprehensive sir! 👏 Have you tried using the device on a phone?

Ben Hicks

What kind of mixing software is that? The free software you get w the compact is much less user friendly

Luis Dietz

Can you use the software with windows or Linux

Yoav Mahecha

Where can I see the link for the headphone jack extra card you mentioned?

Emil Bakowski

Do you need to have constant internet connection while using the software?