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Ken Pryor

This was very helpful. Thank you for doing this video. I've used swift once and had mostly good luck with it, but still have much to figure out.

Malcolm Grant

And of course Swift has ground clamping which is a big issue for me when flying on VATSIM, I just hate having aircraft buried in the runway or floating 6 m in the air.


The Swift client seems to be geared to networked computers so you could run Swift on a second screen or tablet/iPad. Have you been able to do this and can you verify whether that is possible. My issue with xSquawkbox is that the text (comms text) is too small for me to read. So I constantly miss ATC telling me to contact them. Swift might have a larger text msg font, but I haven’t seen that. Have you?

Malcolm Grant

Hi Drago
Thanks for the tutorials, looks like a great bit of software. An amazing achievement to produce multi sim, multi os client. Particularly like the radar feature and being able to easily checkout what’s going on with the model matching.

Jack Flash

The UI is going to have to be streamlined for the stable version. The beta is too complicated.